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Jin Tae
Hn. I have to talk about myself?! But that requires communication skills! Of which I have none, so...

[Subject Change]

The avatar was peeled off my calculus book cover, sprayed with some Photoshop Prettiness, and left to cure. The entire image was of a ballerina peering through the keyhole of a door. Much was cropped, and it lost some of its pretty. So sad... Any who, tell me about YOU.
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So... he's an ass because mommy and daddy didn't love him enough. Anyone else find that hellishly funny?
Louis is naive in his own way. Cute.
Mahn... Dude... All Ya Need Is Love
Kai, man up to this. Be Love's bitch. Tell her you love her and you were completely jealous when you thought you'd seen your evil brother kiss her, and that that was the reason you were in a pissy mood and got out the gun. If you don't say it now, she's going to hit you with something like "let's be friends" and there can be no love-love kiss-kiss once that disguised relationship death sentence is announced. Say it before it's too late.
Do ya think Bart is so preoccupied watching her sizzle in the sun that he won't notice his clapping audience?
There are so many blondes in this story now. Really makes NB stand out.
I saw your avatar while reading NB and ended up reading this cute story. The grumpy goblin was a great hook.
Looking back at the children's books from my childhood, I've discovered some of them had awful false morals. Like "Rainbow Fish" teaches children to make friends through bribery, rather than through sharing, as was intended.
It was great to see how well this one worked. I wouldn't mind digging this one up to show my kids (when I have them twenty years from now XD).
Raise your hand if you think those two guys are about to get their asses whipped by the ginger cutie.
I count two thus far.
OMG Elise is so much like my roommate. Not taking her meds prolly made her bitchy. It happens. Side effects n' all.
Some people are just so ugly when they go mad.
Is there More Angst Than Meets the Eye?
Considering his brother tends to lie and manipulate people for his own gain, I'm wondering if the kid she remembers is really Kai, in which case Kai really can't blow the brains out of his long lost childhood friend who still cares so deeply for him, both as her precious memory and as a friend.
He'd feel guilty if he did. Presumably moreso than if he was pissed she couldn't tell him apart from his brother as a kid.

By the by, nice handgun. Lacks sights, but at that distance, he wouldn't need to worry about aim. The bottom zoom frame has good detailing.
Does he hear himself when he talks? Seriously, I don't know anyone who could say "hide his loaded meat gun" with a straight face.
I don't know if it is the curls or the lack of color, but he really is young-looking now. Before, he looked to be in the late twenties early thirties age bracket. The new look also fits his personality better.
Whether he reached out of curiousity or belated helpfulness, he shall not be thanked for it. The angsty are ungrateful bastards. Yupyup.
But she is the Great El, she can find anything! Oh no, do not sink into self doubt, go find the girly-man and be rewarded by much sparklies.
Pretty man! Hello, pretty man with pretty ram horns. My, what many teeth you have! Pleasedonteatme
Last panel. The smile. He knows he has already won.
Jin Tae
December 1st, 2007
If he wants to be a horse, fine, but he'll be gelded to fix his obvious personality flaws.
The last panel plastered a grin on my face and it won't come off. Before today, Beleth was just a thing to be pitied, given a hug and told he didn't do anything wrong. Now, he is an adorable puppy that I'm taking home and making a website for, with lots o' pics. Which is weird, 'cause I'm a cat person, and don't really like (ya know, like, sorta *hate* with the intensity of a thousand dying suns) canines.
She's wearing more than heels, right? Right??
Jin Tae
November 29th, 2007
Boi is doing this on purpose. He is manipulating Cry so Cry won't get better and leave.