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I'm a scientist. No, really.
So I FINALLY got around to working on the comic again. I will update as often as I can, but I am PhD student now. REAL LIFE IS SUCH A BUMMER!!! :(
Down the rabbit hole. Or the Wonderhole. Whatever you want to call it.
Gettin' to the fun stuff...
Here comes Chapter 2, you guys! I can't wait to introduce you to my imaginary boyfriend.
@originalblu3: Nope, he walked into traffic and caused an accident!
@Dora: Correct! Grandpa walked out into traffic and caused an accident, so now he has to go to a home :(
@CrippleCakes: Thanks! It mostly has to do with boys...and monsters.
Uh huh...
Sorry for the sloppiness many little people to color in these little panels.

And look at what a nerd she is. This American Life? Really? NERD.