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I just like reading manga and webcomics. Nothing much after that. I like cats. And amazing artwork. And addictive plots and stories.
I draw a little. And write. :3
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That WAS smooth. WOAH. O.O
And it's great to know you have a new friend who'll discuss story ideas with you. :D brother will start talking about food with any form of animal. I don't want to go to the zoo with him.
He'll start talking about the rhinos and giraffes... :'l
I know he's just doing it to freak me out but still...
I want ice cream!
...going to buy ice cream with a friend without parental supervision IS manly, don't know what you're talking about.
Yay! Another update!
um...what's a really weird experience you have had involving fish?
I haven't the slightest idea where that came from. :I
@D-KeyNote: (sorry about responding so much)
I think we'll get along, you and I. That's basically about the only thing I post, too.

Oh yeah, I'm lavenderfeline. I feel late (-3-')
@D-KeyNote: ...please tell me you have a tumblr so i can stalk you *cough* what?
Osmond. YES. XD
I think I like that name WAAAY too much.
...but I'm exactly like that. :I
Also, are you by any chance a Sherlockian(BBC or classic?) :D
Fun Fact: Did you know Sherlock's original name was to be Sherrinford?
July 1st, 2012
so proud of you, Marigold! :D
So many questions...
Well I'm not exactly sure whether I like or dislike power outages, but it is nice when the house is quiet for once.
Oh, hi Brad!
I know (emotionally-challenged)people like that. And yes, people do bet on when they will realize their undying love for each other. It's really obvious.
But, alas, I cannot bet. Money, I do not have. :/
It's hilarious because th-they thought I was 35 or something(despite being so flat) because my friend (who happens to be REALLY short for her age) was apparently my daughter... T_T
Can't wait for the next update
What in the world is Jock talking about?! Belinda's dancing is AMAZING
Like I said, ACCEPT IT, JOCK. You know you want to!
So i'm not the only oblivious one.
Oh dear, poor lady. :'C

And uh...where would you find band-aids that size?
Wow...she calls her a...friend.
But I understand with this symbolism stuff. I get so lost.
"And the rotting strawberry symbolizes the death of her cat"
me- "Wait, whut? How does that relate with the Civil War again?"
Rhi, you're over thinking this, which is honestly quite normal.
those faces in the 5th panel... :D
@hyeonmu: Maybe boil? haha