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I just like reading manga and webcomics. Nothing much after that. I like cats. And amazing artwork. And addictive plots and stories.
I draw a little. And write. :3
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I want ice cream!
...going to buy ice cream with a friend without parental supervision IS manly, don't know what you're talking about.
July 1st, 2012
so proud of you, Marigold! :D
So many questions...
Well I'm not exactly sure whether I like or dislike power outages, but it is nice when the house is quiet for once.
Oh, hi Brad!
I know (emotionally-challenged)people like that. And yes, people do bet on when they will realize their undying love for each other. It's really obvious.
But, alas, I cannot bet. Money, I do not have. :/
Can't wait for the next update
What in the world is Jock talking about?! Belinda's dancing is AMAZING
Like I said, ACCEPT IT, JOCK. You know you want to!
So i'm not the only oblivious one.
Oh dear, poor lady. :'C

And uh...where would you find band-aids that size?
Wow...she calls her a...friend.
But I understand with this symbolism stuff. I get so lost.
"And the rotting strawberry symbolizes the death of her cat"
me- "Wait, whut? How does that relate with the Civil War again?"
Rhi, you're over thinking this, which is honestly quite normal.
those faces in the 5th panel... :D
"And what seems to be over there?"
Yeah, Capi's expressions are so... >u<
Oooh, tell her Congrats from me too! :)
I get it, after those many years of school, some people actually get a bit freaked because they don't know what to do with themselves after they're finished.
A person I know actually didn't start college until 23. She took the time to figure out what she really wanted to do in life rather waste time in college, just drifting from one course to another.
Dude, I would SHIP THIS. Belinda is one sexy bird, Jock. TAKE THE OFFER.
Oh, wow, Arin just looks so timid and shy... >///<
Are they grape flavored or orange flavored?
They could just be candy.
Jason...JASON. HOW DID YOU NOT HAVE A PANIC ATTACK?! My face would've been red all over!
Second, I'd like to steal your jacket and scarf if that isn't too much to ask for...
wait, what?! >u<
Mr. Downbeat...they're just EVERYWHERE, aren't they?