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thanks for the nice comments!! i'll think i'll do more color pages after this. it's fun :)
changed my it lazy that i always pull art from my latest colored page?

also the roof is a hot mess. i used to enjoy drawing buildings. what happened there...
aw thanks for the comment blackcatz!! and thanks for checking back :) i think i'll be done with next page tomorrow. hopefully i get on a roll.
yea sorry about the disappearing webpage!! this is the first time my website has worked for me, i was getting a little stressed out about it!!
i'm so glad smackjeeves is back! that was a scary day when they changed servers. although i do think the site is faster now.

a new page! the next one is colored so stay tuned!! i'm trying to figure out if it is worth coloring all my pages or not.
aw thanks for the encouragement!! :) i'm working on the next page now!
hehehe who knows...

and thanks!!
it burns!!
nic is pretty much done...liza is in panic mode... pretty much all you're supposed to get from this page. i always jump at the chance to draw weird tentacles things. i don't know what that says about me haha. sorry i haven't updated in so long!!
shoot i drew that on the first layer and didn't ink it, thats why her hands are like thattttttt!!!

haha i am so bad at continuity!! i also forgot her bracelet again!!!

yes nic and liza are in a bit of a lover's embrace aren't they. ;)
lol i thought that too as i was drawing!!! :p
it speaks!!
Thanks so much for the nice comments guys!! I've been inspired to start another page today!! I'm going to florida tomorrow and i'll try to put another page up before then!

nic is in the mirror!! and so fast too! how you likin the black fingers of death?? i wish i was better at author's comments haha

ps i re-read the comic today and it was not pretty!! grammar problems, and my characters keep changing appearance!! especially liza's magical bracelet. i always forget it. if you're in this for the long run dont pay too much attention to the bracelet!!!! :p
haha it's not called wraiths of new cadbury for nothin'!
yep ghosts work fast!!

just called home and had this page emailed to me since i had the wrong one yesterday!!

i worked my butt off to get the new page up before i had to go back to school and... y'know when parents yell at kids when they're in danger of missing the school bus? it's terrifying. well, my mom is like that when it comes to getting on the road before a storm. while she was yelling, i barely finished putting in the font when i saved and uploaded my new page. i didnt check it. i ran out. just logged on the website a few minutes ago all excited to see my new page online. bu it was a previous page!!!!!! NOOOOOO. i want to drive home!!!!!!!!! anyway just wanted to communicate that. im bummed. it's not as bad as finishing a page and then saving it as a blank one, man that stinks!! did it on this comic. but this was a page i really looked forward to posting. sorry to all who saw the travesty! thanks for your nice comments when you could have yelled at me
dunn dunn DAAAN!!
i thought if i put white orbs around her she'd look more ghostly than corpsey! bonus points if you saw her on the previous page!
awww beauticious! it looks so finished. i love your toning.
i don't think i have a pref for either, which was more enjoyable/less of a pain? this story is sooo good!! caleb + his fam are so cute!!
ill have a new one up tuesday!