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Heh. Fully realized hole along with hard rock core.

I've seen quite a few bands who actually have that kind of dynamic. Everyone's complaining about someone else being late or coming to practice with a hangover but managing to play really solid shows.
Now that... is a good gig.
I thought that was his hand....
Awww... Kara's having fun messing with Michelle.
@Gibson Twist: I just figured the guys knew each other, plus Tim looks a bit harmless to me. Still, I gotta admit that was a sweet takedown.

Also: Yay! Update!
Dude, you tackled a guy without knowing why he's running?
Dang. I'd go see a One-Inch Punch gig.
I wanna see that exhibit.
And that was Convenience Store Confessions with Sam.
Sam's mental note: ask no further.
I do hope the band doesn't come home to a sh*tstorm of drama.
This does not bode well. Kudos to Christo for scoring, though.
Slugger used Sleep!
In light of Mulligan's discovey...
I hope they aired out the van first.
The boys are going to keep someone sane? Huh.
His Slugger sense is tingling!
Didn't expect Wiley to be the agressor...
Mulligan's face in Panel 5 is priceless. XD
I'd wait ten minutes...
The Mulligan method: Job's done? Take off your shirt and smoke drugs.