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Hey it's me sonamy102 this is my new account. ^^
I'm on Deviantart more than here.
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    Ashley Lynn
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Fell asleep waiting for her ride home
Got bored and made this. Yea... -.-
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: no not a maniac at a all -_- btw you so dead >:)
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: I don't think so *takes back xbox*
I'm gonna post my room in a few
Haha I didn't know what to name it -.- Anyway here's my comic. Not much but It helped me to learn a little more about gimp ^^
But your so much better! Haha yea I will :b
Haha "your no fun! T_T" that's definitely what I would say!
Haha kk I've add a few sprites to my sheet I'll post them on the sprites page when I'm done. shouldn't take me to long
I will just have to find the patience haha
haha don't worry bout it. but I have gimp not that good at it though. I just got
I love it!
Haha makes mine look crappy :b