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Hello, and thanks for coming to my profile page. I'm Chris, and I am an aspiring comic artist of about a beginner to intermediate skill level, depending on the medium I work in.

I've come to the site to read some interesting work from the users around here and perhaps post some stuff of my own. My favorite genres (for both writing and reading) are comedy, sci-fi and shounen-ai/yaoi. Any mix of these is a definite plus for me.

When I'm not drawing, surfing the web or playing video games, I study Computer Science and Sociology at the University of Michigan (that's in the United States, city of Ann Arbor). If I'm not doing that, I'm sleeping. >_>

I'm currently working on two comics that I might consider posting here, but I'd like to get them long enough first. If you'd like to see some more of my work in advance, and don't mind the long updates, please visit my DeviantArt page.

EDIT-6/12/2012: I've decided to host one of those comics, Gay Times with Ryan and Jay, here!

EDIT-2/17/2014: Updated my avatar!

EDIT-5/6/2014: I've finished my career at U of M for now, so I'm no longer a student. Now I'm just a software engineer.
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@JesBelle: Oh my God, that's right, all this happened because Avery thought college was too much for him! XD
Due to budget cuts
...the bathroom will also double as our War Room for the immediate future.

Next time in Q & A, the Messenger opens up the second half of this round of questioning, with help from some personal friends.
@that1walrusguy: Me too! I love finding interesting ways to answer reader questions~
Done and done
Next time in the main comic, Ryan and Jay discuss the U.S. health care system, but still don't do their homework??!
@Quadrant: Well, if his past behavior is any indication, Maxwell doesn't have many concerned friends, and any he may have would probably not be the type to get police involved. In that case, though, Avery and Callum would have to deal with unscrupulous criminals, hmm...
Do not come into direct contact with the blade
The following part of this Q & A installment will be up later today/tomorrow. Will the Associate answer the Messenger's question?
@Alecshar: **For the non-genital burning version of this and other pro-tips, please upgrade to AdmiralBetas' Advice Premium**
If you've got some candy, you can melt it down in the microwave and pour it directly on your skin. Free pro tip~

btw, I really like how you did the fridge lighting.
@Ralend: Thanks dude, just wish I could be a bit faster with it.
I'm not my best when it comes to establishing shots, and mirrored naturally I decided to do them both in this page

Next time in Q & A, the Associate has questions about fujoshi lore???

EDIT: Fixed some wording to make things clearer. Also made those guys in the 2nd to last panel easier to make out. (...I ship it???)
Now With More Explosions
Next time in the main comic, having endured a stark defeat, Ryan pleads for Jay to teach him how to deal with various combat situations. Will they ever finish their homework??!!
@Ralend: The world must know the truth

speaking of which, also pls go to my fansite for Snoke theories
The Associate Stumped
The next Q & A installment comes up tomorrow. Will Ryan have his questions answered???
@Alecshar: I'm, like, 60% sure it's fine
@M-24: Yeah, though it takes quite a lot of patience and perception to notice them, ha.
There Has Been Blood
Next time in Q & A, Ryan anxiously awaits more of your questions!
Surprising Revelations
Next time in the main comic, Ryan licks his wounds as he and Jay continue to avoid doing homework.

EDIT: Oh yeah, btw guys, you can see the previous Q & A pages in the Q & A section. Only the 4 latest pages will be included in Chapter 4.
Naith should come give this talk to my neighbors...

(jk I don't mind)

@Alecshar Ditto, but in my case it's cause I'm not too proud of the art in the first few pages of mine. But anyway, if it helps, I wouldn't mind showing this comic to my mom.
More Lore
Next Q & A page for this week will be tomorrow! Will the Associate provide more answers about Force abilities?
@Frostwings: Lol, if I went through all the things bothering Ryan, I wouldn't have time left to do the comic. But, next page will be more specific about this particular hangup, maybe.