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Hello, and thanks for coming to my profile page. I'm Chris, and I am an aspiring comic artist of about a beginner to intermediate skill level, depending on the medium I work in.

I've come to the site to read some interesting work from the users around here and perhaps post some stuff of my own. My favorite genres (for both writing and reading) are comedy, sci-fi and shounen-ai/yaoi. Any mix of these is a definite plus for me.

When I'm not drawing, surfing the web or playing video games, I study Computer Science and Sociology at the University of Michigan (that's in the United States, city of Ann Arbor). If I'm not doing that, I'm sleeping. >_>

I'm currently working on two comics that I might consider posting here, but I'd like to get them long enough first. If you'd like to see some more of my work in advance, and don't mind the long updates, please visit my DeviantArt page.

EDIT-6/12/2012: I've decided to host one of those comics, Gay Times with Ryan and Jay, here!

EDIT-2/17/2014: Updated my avatar!

EDIT-5/6/2014: I've finished my career at U of M for now, so I'm no longer a student. Now I'm just a software engineer.
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I think I've only seen one black squirrel ever here in Ann Arbor. Most of ours are brown :/

Also, I enjoy Tache's cosplay of Kenshi from Mortal Kombat.
Well, shit.
Next time in the main comic, Ryan and Jay put homework on hold AGAIN to talk about old news...
No Way Out (1987)
The next part of this Q & A installment will be up soon. Will Kevin Costner provide the answers we seek???
We're back on this again...

Next time in Q & A, the Associate has more questions, but also answers, for Ryan???!!!??
Don't try it...
Next time in the main comic, Ryan and Jay finally make progress with their homework! Also, miscellaneous chat I dunno
Ooh sparkly
Next part of this Q & A installment will be up over the weekend.
Finally, now we can move past this silly closet business and move on to the homework, my favorite part of this chapter!

Next time in Q & A, Ryan asks why he's put in so many hilarious situations! The answer may shock you?! :O
@IronDog: Yes, exactly! I intended the Q & A to be a great opportunity to examine some of the more wacky quirks of the characters.
@IronDog: Thanks much! Hopefully, though, we can get back to the humor quick enough~
Hope you guys weren't too disappointed with the lack of questions this time around, I promise there'll be more next time.

But for now--

Next time in the main comic, Ryan reveals the terrifying extent of his Depression No Jutsu... However, is there a new hope for his and Jay's homework???
@R.O.-bot: No problem, I probably didn't expect it either LOL

Also, find four Heart Pieces to expand your heart size and your feel capacity
@R.O.-bot: It's ok, there'll be more Q & A in the page after next :D
No questions will be asked/answered in this Q & A installment, as we have to move characters around. Thank you for your patience~
@Kevin_Redcrow: Lol who knows. Could be the ol' AS, maybe just his personality. Maybe a bit of both.

Or maybe it's Maybelline
@ukk_o96: Oh man, I thought I was the only one who couldn't draw when it's too hot lol
Stealth Update
Been thinking of getting rid of the expected update time in the description; my schedule's to problematic to match it. Hmm.

Next time in Q & A, Jay is excused to make room for more characters to whom you can ask questions!
Tell us where the body is
Next time in the main comic, Ryan reveals his true, sinister motive for wanting Jay around, as their homework continues to wither away due to neglect. Also featuring Munch the Cat as herself!
Companion Cube
Happy 4th of July to my fellow Murricans!

Next part of this Q & A installment will be up soon.
@larrythefairy98: Nah, you're probably right in that there've been small signs before, but, for various reasons, Ryan pretty much gradually acclimated to Jay's quirks and vice versa.

Since you're wondering, though, there was at least one time not long after Ryan and Jay met where they learned a lot about each other, just not the aspects discussed here.