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Hello, and thanks for coming to my profile page. I'm Chris, and I am an aspiring comic artist of about a beginner to intermediate skill level, depending on the medium I work in.

I've come to the site to read some interesting work from the users around here and perhaps post some stuff of my own. My favorite genres (for both writing and reading) are comedy, sci-fi and shounen-ai/yaoi. Any mix of these is a definite plus for me.

When I'm not drawing, surfing the web or playing video games, I study Computer Science and Sociology at the University of Michigan (that's in the United States, city of Ann Arbor). If I'm not doing that, I'm sleeping. >_>

I'm currently working on two comics that I might consider posting here, but I'd like to get them long enough first. If you'd like to see some more of my work in advance, and don't mind the long updates, please visit my DeviantArt page.

EDIT-6/12/2012: I've decided to host one of those comics, Gay Times with Ryan and Jay, here!

EDIT-2/17/2014: Updated my avatar!

EDIT-5/6/2014: I've finished my career at U of M for now, so I'm no longer a student. Now I'm just a software engineer.
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Wait the falling rubble didn't work?
Followup page coming later this week. Will the Associate find out what the Messenger is???
Thanks, guys. btw it's also nice for me that I don't have to spend hours on Jay's internal monologue~
You gonna take that shit, bro?
Next time in Q & A, the Associate has a question for the Messenger???
Tis just a flesh wound
Next time in the main comic, Jay continues to try parsing the psychology of Reconstruction Era female plantation owners, but can he stand up to Ryan's Infinite Concern technique???
More Questions
This installment of Q & A will continue later this week. What questions will be answered next???
@Hawkflame: Hmm can you be more specific? Depending on what you mean by "romance", the answer could be that there's already been some.
@M-24: Thanks for the heads-up. Read the synopsis, won't be reading the story, jeez.
@Alecshar: That's Jay's "Study Aid" drawer, full of things to help him work in peace. That box towards the front is full of sparklers, for example.
@Ralend: I could only do so much to stop them, I'm afraid. God help us all...
Fiber, fiber, fiber
And on that note, I think it's time for the thing everyone's been waiting for---

The return of Q & A! The next question will be...from Ryan to the Messenger???
(Night lodgings included with meal)
Next time, Jay checks to see if Ryan is sleeping.
Brownie Au Vin
Next time...well, not much actually.
Got caught sleepin'
Wooooo scary late night update. That oughta do it for this Halloween, right?

....Next time, Therise's final warning.
@Ralend: Oh, did you mean the effect around the panel Howard's in? Regardless, thanks much~
Further inquiry is required
Sorry for the lateness, trying to get used to a new drawing setup. Next time, Therise reveals her true, secret plan???
Cook's Best Friend
Next time, Therise reveals the truth of Jay's demeanor.
@shoumo: He'll also give you a quickie for a brownie
Jesus, the dialogue (or monologue, I guess) was tough on this page. The last few panels, especially. Next week's page will hopefully not have these issues.
My bad
Got interrupted while finishing this page. Next time, Ryan and Therise talk some more.
Internet cut out for me for a minute, so I had trouble putting this up at the time I wanted. *Sigh* next week, then.

btw, the Q & A is on hold until after a few more main comic pages.