Hello, and thanks for coming to my profile page. I'm Chris, and I am an aspiring comic artist of about a beginner to intermediate skill level, depending on the medium I work in.

I've come to the site to read some interesting work from the users around here and perhaps post some stuff of my own. My favorite genres (for both writing and reading) are comedy, sci-fi and shounen-ai/yaoi. Any mix of these is a definite plus for me.

When I'm not drawing, surfing the web or playing video games, I study Computer Science and Sociology at the University of Michigan (that's in the United States, city of Ann Arbor). If I'm not doing that, I'm sleeping. >_>

I'm currently working on two comics that I might consider posting here, but I'd like to get them long enough first. If you'd like to see some more of my work in advance, and don't mind the long updates, please visit my DeviantArt page.

EDIT-6/12/2012: I've decided to host one of those comics, Gay Times with Ryan and Jay, here!

EDIT-2/17/2014: Updated my avatar!

EDIT-5/6/2014: I've finished my career at U of M for now, so I'm no longer a student. Now I'm just a software engineer.
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The Red Locus
Next time on Q & A, Ryan and Jay must answer as to whether they could win a fight with a popular Star Wars character!
Next time in the main comic, CeCe's briefing on Ryan and Jay's situation continues...
@SOABS: And then, like a week later, some other dude comes in saying "Return the chalice...or suffer my curse..."

Apparently, Richey is the type that says "What's yer offer?!"
August 5th, 2017
@Arcane Allusion: lol was that a Judicator Argo reference?
Chugging along
In the next thrilling episode of Q & A: Ryan and Jay must team up against a question directed to both of them!
@shoumo: You know you're overdoing it when your rig is literally a breathing suit
Really tough to get the inking right on that guy. Next week, back to the main comic.
@TheCityUnderYourBed: Thanks, hope you like the rest, too!
Going through the cycle
Okay, I think this loop will work: cover part->main comic page->Q & A page. So, join us next week for the next exciting part of the Q & A saga!
Might've made a miscalculation...
So, it's looking like animation isn't supported for covers, which pretty much nixes everything I was planning. I think I'll just finish what I was gonna do anyway and maybe make it an entry page for the site, or something. We'll stick with the current cover for now.

Oh, and a new comic page will be up in a minute or so.

[EDIT: Annnnndd looks like SJ is having trouble making a thumbnail from this .gif. Alright... Also, the "Latest Pages" collection of the site profile seems to be taking the last pages in order of appearance, not of posting. I'll be moving this cover image here in Chapter 4 until everyone's had a chance to see it.]
New Cover en route...
I was thinking something similar to the time-lapse banner, but bigger. It's simple, if time-intensive to work on... Here's the first part of the animation.

EDIT- 6/13/2017: Oops, I just noticed the thumbnail for this image on SJ isn't animated, likely due to the size. Maybe an adjustment would help...
@jchriselam: Ah well, I haven't really advertised GTWRAJ much (or at all) up till recently, and even now only a little bit. Thanks for coming to take a look.

Your comments about the comic itself were just what I was shooting for. Thank you for giving your two cents on it!
@TheCityUnderYourBed: Ah, glad you enjoyed the archive! Even though the earlier stuff isn't quite as good as I'd like, haha. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

P.S. Thanks for checking the alt text, I put a lot of work into those, hehe.
@Vilian: lol I didn't really have a schedule for it XD
Got a small headache atm. Will be back later to answer some of the comments that came in since my last post.
@timefox: From personal experience, I can tell you that that just makes things trickier, lol. It's still quite possible for a material like the one the apron is made of to unravel if only one hand is used, particularly if you're as..."energetic" as Ryan is around Jay. Use two hands and you've got something, but then he'd be stuck in a weird pose. In both cases, his arms would eventually get tired, all the more quickly since Ryan has poor stamina. As usual, it's a no win situation for Ryan~
@timefox: Ah, good question. The towel configuration would cover everything important, but I'm guessing Ryan would be worried about accidental slippage since the material doesn't "hold" as well as a real towel would. He could fold it up horizontally to strengthen the hold, but then it'd look like he's wearing a miniskirt, ha.
@LilyFlare: Ah yes, the Messenger may be familiar to all GTWRAJ readers, though not from GTWRAJ...

And yeah, that's drool.