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Mannu Manoo
A girl dreading of becoming an adult; I love writing, reading manga and i draw my own as well. Currently I'm doing a foundation course in Graphic design, trying to learn Photoshop and everything so that i can prettify my drawings before i put them up. So in the meantime, I'm writing novels.
You can find me on Facebook as well.
And Deviant art
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Damn it =I No next page!
Finally caught up.
TwT Why no 'next' button?! I CANT BREATHE. OMG. THIS IS LIKE THE BEST FREAKING YAOI COMIC EVER. I should just keep this as the only bl one in my favourites, seriously, THIS trumps them all.
._. Ohh, dear! I really hope Mr. Bettencourt comes in here just in time before things get out of hand.
Finally! I have caught up with everyone. =D Gawd, i really wonder what's gonna happen next and if the cops are gonna come back another day!