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I play games, simple as that. Im typically shy, have high standards in honor, and I tend towards being polite.
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no really, how DOES that guy get away with being a gym leader?! hes a criminal! *headdesk* who exactly is running this league thing that doesnt know that?!
Legends are just that, legends. legendary or not, a legend is just a title, like if you've ever heard the quote about the word 'impossible'. its just a word.
Nice one one the Mewtwo.

there should have been far more dramatic music for the battle with it.. ah, memories...
Hahahaha! the Alakazam's eyes in that one panel XD
its like "HES GONNA BLOW-in a turn he doesnt have left >.>; "
Squished image is squished...
erm... wow, its slowing my computer down.. how odd...
Holy Crap
a Dragon Ball reference >.>;
Ironically, I have a song on repeat while reading this comic... and it some how seems to just fit >.>; good show
ah HAH!
Finally the one that led me here in the first place from DA!
Ah, the Price..
What one must suffer through to withstand another's power...