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I just really love to draw and read comics/mangas...
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Man... I just love this comic... Great page... Amazing Art...
It's a dragon of death, doom, and happiness :D

I've been really enjoying this story. It's one of the best :)
Awesome! I love this comic so much
pff ya don't have to worry he's only slightly dead. It's when your dead dead ya have to worry.
@ahmad2117: XD i realized that right after my page refreshed
first comment woo~ awesome comic
Awesome comic!!! love it!
October 20th, 2012
Manga! I love those. XD I know school can get annoying. I tend to go on rant to my friends, but not for the same reason even though that does happen sometimes. I go off on how slow people can walk in the hallway. We get like 3-5 minuets to get to the next class, and some of my class I need all the time i can get just to walk at my speed to get to class. They are so slow that i get stuck behind them and i get to class late. ugh

Well I'm going to end it there, I love this page and your style!
@Silver2leaves: That would make senes
Wait what happen to Atticus black eye? Is this the anime heal thing?

Sorry I just wanted to point it out. Awesome comic I love it!!!
I just Love, love, love this!!! :D it makes me laugh!!!
August 2nd, 2012
Awesome comic
I love this comic! you really got me into it! It really got interesting can't wait for the next page!!!
July 13th, 2012
just to add my reaction to this...

WAIT... what what what? O-o