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Name: Kirei
Current Residence: UK
Favourite style of art: cartoon realism/manga (or anything with mustaches)
likes: Jellybeans, Mustaches, anime/manga, Drawing/art, Pink.
Hates: yellow, Coconut, the cold.
Kinda feels like these rainbow people has something to do with Assistant's magic somehow..? and that's why she has different coloured powers/magic because each individual power/magic comes from someone else maybe?
ppffftt!! those eyes!!
um.. not to be a pain, I really love this page, but I noticed that on the second panel, Wallis's poster was on the right of the hat shelf, but on the last panel, the poster is to the right of the hat shelf, but the same hats from before are also on this new shelf, if that makes sense.
Congrats on finishing ^^

mika... give him a hug XD unless you were going to leave just now.
They are adorable >w<
Love love love..
you're style is pretty awesome! i'll be following!
and after all that she's happy once more XD
nice.. butterfly blood XD