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@Darth AWQ: This hasn't come up in the comic yet, but Nigellus' profile does note that he was known for his philanthropy so it may be assumed that Nigellus was nice guy before losing his mind. People trying to do the right thing can still end up believing some bad things if you think about it.
@Darth AWQ:
@BPurg: I can't tell if this is an ironic or honest assessment of Todd's character.

I'll just grin to myself knowingly of the events yet to come.
The first arc of Monster's Garden is planned to be 360+ pages long.

I wouldn't judge Todd as being JUST a one dimensional soldier character at this point when he's only been in less than half of the pages so far, while Kilo has been in the majority of them.
I can't really add anything more to what Ocarina, Sepesiria, and AnonGuest have already pointed out, haha. I am glad that you guys were able to pick up on some of the things I was intentionally going for. And it's really cool to see how you see things too, Mekal, so I thank you very much for taking the time to express your feelings so far.

I guess one thing I might be able to say as a creator is that if it feels frustrating to watch my characters make irresponsible and contradictory decisions/actions, then something is going right. Characters can't grow as people if they did everything right in a situation from the beginning. It's okay to feel conflicted and frustrated with them right now, because as the story goes on, they'll have to make changes to get anywhere.
I'm going to preemptively answer the question "How did Kilo notice the would-be thief from before was there without looking?" and tell you that he recognized her by smell. He didn't really care that she was there because he had to deal with the man and Todd. /things no one probably cares about but I felt I should explain anyway
@TheomanZero: Oops! I typo'd pretty hard there. It's Zid'ral.

I'll fix it here soon, but I'll try to play it off as whomever is speaking is saying it wrong. ;)
Better late than never!
@sleepingwithgrapesonhishead: Between 9 and 8 feet tall, and just as wide.

I've been aware that I haven't kept Kilo's size consistent. This has been the first time I've had to deal with having to draw such a large character interacting with characters that are much smaller in a space, so there are going to be some hiccups as I figure out how to scale everything appropriately.
@Crothen: I was going to reply with only Jaymi swears casually and Kilo swears when he's angry and Todd swore once when surprised, and then I realized that was half of the main cast so I don't really have any kind of argument against your observation.

I'm sure Dr. Joe and Dr. Mayers taught NIKA early on that Jaymi's colorful vocabulary is generally inappropriate, so NIKA doesn't use those words.

As for the other question about arcane energy, I think it warrants it's own separate Reader Question response.
@Sharkbutt: I thought that was obvious? I dunno why that makes it disappointing.
There could be other Zid'ral out with the same disorder as Kilo, but like him, they probably live reclusive lives and remain unaware of each other's existence.
@Quetzalrofl: Or I don't know how to spell lizard backwards. Entirely a possibility here. /tongue-in-cheek
Heehee, you all are good sports, putting up my silliness. The real chapter ending will be posted on Friday as normal! Thanks guys!
I hope you guys enjoyed Monster's Garden. No one could have suspected that ending. It has been quite a ride, but time to start on my next comic project about a cast of high school teenagers and their wild antics and growing pains all through the magic of song! Thanks for tuning in! You've all been wonderful and I hope you follow my next project!
Something is missing...
I am aware there is no shading on these pages. I will have a chance to finish up the pages when I finish my final test for my class today.
@MadWizard321: Yeah, I noticed it isn't clear how long Kilo was standing there, but that should be clarified on the next update.
@Gell: A few hundreds of thousands of people happen to know Kilo's name, since he is the undefeated heavyweight champion of the Centro fighter's league. I'll let the comic answer that other question.
@Dermot: I'm puzzled as to how you can say that before Kilo has even seen or talked to Todd.
Kilo Monster sure does have an interesting reaction to reading comic books. It probably won't be important later.