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New comic!
Oh hey has it been more than a year.
Here you go.
Much to learn from this fellow
Much to learn indeed. Also I have no idea if this will be a recurring character or if I'm just screwing around.
Someday my optimism will be rewarded, or so says my idealism.
Coming of Age
You know that one episode of Fairly Odd Parents where Timmy wishes to be an adult and it's just this uncomfortably depressing series of events and losses until he's worn down into a ball of tears wishing to be a kid again?

I remember that episode a lot.
Every time I watch, I hope the announcer will choose to actually let the chefs keep talking.

Every time I am let down.
Thought Process
Yeah, a better cartoonist would have just drawn the bar fight in question, but what fun would that be?

...probably a lot of fun, now that I think about it.
Poetry is sometimes a thing. I believe it fits in the category of "things," certainly.

Thanks! Glad you like it!
Oh Murphy
Miles is gonna freak out about this, I swear. Dude needs to calm himself.
If only I could give him a catchphrase I could then sell on indiscriminate varieties of merchandise.
An Update?
If all the web comic authors who made self-deprecating jokes about their inability to stick to a consistent update schedule were put in a room together and counted up, odds are you still wouldn't have more web comics.

Let us think on that.
Apologies if this joke has been done before.
They Are The Important Ones
In all earnestness, I hope to do a good job with this comic...just as soon as I figure out what this comic will be about.
Oh hey hello all.
I am another person putting a webcomic on the internet. I am excited by this news, personally. I do not know about you. I can only hope.