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Nickname: Kat

Best Friend: Puppy (yeah go ahead laugh)

Personality: At my own pace

I got around to it.
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August 21st, 2018
His face is my face right now. That's something that can be solved with words.

Awesome comic <3
I just re-read and released that Atlantean is pig latin. lol
So She's a king that didn't want the throne and here are all these people trying to get her to make decisions when they wouldn't have had any if it wasn't for her.

Poor little squishy.
I'm in love with the red line in the last panel.
*Trauma* Now I'm excited.
Putting all cuteness aside for a bit, I know the hints were there but it finally hit me that Quinton, is really a child. It's funny that a pair of pajamas is what does it.

On another note poor Dominic, all that responsibility coming his way right now.
Also, since I felt this need a comment for itself FORMER Teacher. Just how much older than Julius is Claude. Vampire years confuse me so. @.@
Money everywhere. The line of cars covered in the garage, the future fancy king of vampires tutor and next a french count hanging out in the conservatory.
Looks yummy. At least she won't starve.
I looking forward to seeing where this is going.
He can't talk to girls.

That last panel is priceless. I love how Nilus is just taking this in stride.
heliumsquid yes, yes it would. I just think his spaz is in the form of awkward doting demon grandpa.

That raises a question though, how'd he end up with Sergio's grandma?
Julius is only better than Sergio at this by that much. Apparently Spaz is genetic.
Sergio Guinness Book of World Records
Sergio might be the person to break the record for learning a foreign language.

I'm waiting for the moment when Sergio remembers he's shy. That reaction was too cute.
The Everywhere Trio
Everywhere Kid, Everywhere Kid's Biggest fan and now King Everywhere.

Had to make the cheesy joke. :p
I'd also like to point out Quinton's eyes, seriously why orange, must you kill me with curiousity, there are only so many theories a girl can make.
So far Sergio and Quinton are my favorite characters. I love how Jet treats Quinton like a human Teddy in this scene.

Oh in guys in the about page you spelt Quinton's name wrong in Binary's profiles.

love the hint that Jet's afraid of spiders too, too cute.
Re-reading x....
So after reading for the hundredth time I can't help but think. If Julius is this freaked out, How are Nilus and Simon going to take this.

Oh yeah, and what is this HAD a mom and dad story?