A 2005 graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, and avid zombie walker, I'm following my passion in the arts where ever I can~

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@Kitwillan: Thank you! It's been a challenge doing this whole sequence in first person, but I'm really happy with how it's been turning out so far!
@Guest: I'm very happy it's having an impact! This is my first time trying a first person perspective for a comic!
I hope I did that teary eyed effect okay! It was fun playing around with it XD

I did so much fiddling with this page, but I'm pretty dang happy with how it turned out! I hope you guys are enjoying this perspective!

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We are back!
Thank you so much for being patient between my prep for my last con of the season and getting myself back on track! You guys are so awesome!

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I am so sorry I didn't get this posted this morning, but I had to run errands on my way up to the convention.

AS MENTIONED, this is my last convention for the season so if you're in Calgary and going to Otafest, this is the last chance you have this year to get books from me in person!

I'm at table A66 so come see me!

After the convention we should be back on schedule as normal!
Sorry for the lack of page this week, but I am DETERMINED to get this one mini-zine finished before Otafest, so I have been burning a lot of midnight oil!!

But Otafest is my LAST convention this year, so this is your last chance to get copies of Under the Dead Skies from me in person for 2017! I am still looking at online venues to sell my books, but when that is ready to go, of course, I shall make a formal announcement!

As always thanks for your patience, I know this year has been rocky for updates, but seeing how many of y'all still keep coming back to support me fills me with determination!
I spent the bulk of working on this page mislabeling it as page 226 >.<
I don't even know what day it is half the time lol

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I am having a blast doing this whole dream sequence thing. So much fun! Also, the Panel One Comic Creators Festival was FANTASTIC! Ughhh just always a fun time, and I'm so glad I got to go again this year.

Next convention is Otafest, so look for me there!

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Hey guys, if you're in the Calgary area, come and see me for the Panel One Comic Creator Festival! It's a one day convention focused on local creators!
More details here ->

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@Icarus: Wow! Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that :D
@Icarus: I figure we're overdue for some feels >;3
@lunabob: I'm not gonna go easy on you guys >;3
I had too much fun with this
I hope I didn't go too overboard, but I like how the colour scheme turned out!

Get ready for feels folks.

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Thank you to everyone who has helped out one way or another so far! You guys are awesome!
We had a huge thunderstorm last night and our power got knocked out, so I was panicking, but the page managed to make it through uncorrupted! HUGE RELIEF!

Anyways, it's our fluffy moth friend again. So fluff, so cute~

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Hello friends!
Aaaaand we should be back on schedule! So sorry for the sporadic couple of months there!

The Calgary Comic Expo went great! Way better than expected, and my next convention is going to be the Panel One Comic Creator Festival, so look for me there!

Meanwhile, shouldn't one of you be on watch?? Getting a little too comfortable, aren't we?

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So Expo time is less than two weeks away and I have been working like mad to make sure I'm ready to go this year. It's been really tough, but book 4 is already at the printers and I'm fully stocked again and ready to go.

I know my update schedule has been really erratic this last month, and I'm hoping it's going to smooth itself out, but I will do my best to keep you guys updated!
Huzzah new page! Sorry I ended up taking a little longer than expected. There's some big personal changes going on in my life right now and it's taking a lot more adjusting than what I thought...

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the page, and seriously look up how cute svalbard reindeer are, so cute!

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@moonjellybeans: A new page is coming soon guys!!! I apologize for the set-backs but I am gonna get a new page up very shortly!
@Onyxlight: Thank you so much! They needed a little bit of calm.
@Xylas_Incarnum: Man, they really do! I've never been kicked, but I got dragged by a horse once XD

Micaela's just being mean