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Hi My names Holli =D I LOVE Music, Vocaloid, Drawing and Cosplaying =D

Icon by AutumnIsAki On DeviantArt
This Comic Isnt Dead
Ok People, If You Read What Srinity Puts On Her DeviantART You Would Know That This Comic Isnt Dead, But She Has Put This Comic On Hold Because She Is Working On "Revive The Forbidden" And If You Do Not Believe Me Then Here Is The Link To The Journal Talking About This

So Please For The Love Of God Stop Commenting Say "ZOMG Like Totally Update Soon!" Or "This Comic's Dead"

Thank You
June 19th, 2012
Last Panel XD Love It ^-^
Its ok =D no need to thank us ^^
@devilraindethz: Im reading it still =D XD
Rain feels a disturbance in the force
Ive had to pop my jaw back into place before cause this boy hit me around the face with a cricket bat D= It hurts for the first few seconds then the pain decreases

EDIT the bat was plastic but it still dislocated my jaw :/
Ok i have afew questions
Why wont you admit u like Haru i mean seriously its abit obv u Likeeee~ him :)
Can i have a high five?? :D
When do we get to meet your family??
When i saw Saiyu with the pillow i instantly thought Pillow Protection Power Activate XD
Get well soon =D and dont push urself to much since you had surgery u need time to recover -Gives recovery cookie- =D enjoy your cookie =D