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I like to play Halo Reach, Minecraft, and Mega Man. I sprite in, more recently, 16-bit, but I also like to sprite NES game ideas.

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@slasherchux8078: try to look into some of pokemon's past (pokegods and glitches
Simple update includes:
Pokemon Stadium 2 Shiny Lugia
Shiny Shadow Lugia
Pokemon Stadium 2 Shiny Shadow Lugia (Not Real :P)
Fixed the Credits
Look at the Recent News
I recently made a news post about the request system, it tells you what you can request.
Reason for updating: Because I felt it needed to be
Reason for kick: I don't know, but you can be in it again if you want
I know a while back sonicstar4453 used to do requests. This though was on her old Comic Full of Sprites, which some douche deleted (I know who it is), so this can be where you request your Pokemobians/Fakemobians. Please read all of the rules before requesting.
I updated this finally after 5 months. Hopefully this is appreciated. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
I will make more Pokemobians as time goes on.
Is it weird that yesterday I watched TMNT?
Cause it's kind of de ja vu
@Sike: I'm glad someone has updated the place.
Are you going to update more?
@321TaTer: i fink yooo had too much eggnog
So, yeah. I have remade Divinun and Multisle (R.I.P. Originals)
I also added my own original Pokémon (Equilun and Numbsle)
There are also Pokemobians of all them math Pokemans!
@kwane: You didn't CREATE the idea of this comic, now did you? I list all of the authors on this comic. If their profile doesn't say they've left SJ, I'm not going to put up their name and say they've left SJ, unless they are using a different profile all together. I'm not going to put MR sonicrouge has left anyways, since, again, it doesn't say that on their profile.

I hopefully didn't confuse you.
@Slyfer: Okay, Shut Up! I get it. I want to be able to do my stuff my way, so sorry, but Shut Up!

*le rage sry
I wanted to come up with something original, so I made my first Legendary Fakemon! Erigra is MY custom region, so don't use Erigra without my permission.
@Handsome Jack: I am actually used to this. I am sorry, but I will make the font larger (was at 8.)
Made last night, finished in the morning!
Since I made this last night, and I wanted to finish, I just decided to make the finishing touches to make it look more appealing.
I wuz bored.
I wasn't sure what to do for a while, but then I got the idea to remake my fire starter fakemon, Fyrigoh. I noticed that my 10 year old self didn't know to shade the mouth, as well as make the face as PokeRealistic (yes I just made a word up) as possible. Hope you like the new and improved version. Now to make a Pokémobian improvement.

EDIT: Happy 111 comics!
EDIT: I made the original sprite before I heard of SmackJeeves.
Pokemon Starters: Shiny Edition!
These are just the shinies of the fire starters, other than Fennekin, of course. (does not have an official shiny version yet.)
@HyperTurtle32: There's no Fennekin since there isn't any Fennekin sprites. Then again, one of our fellow authors has Fennekin sprites for their avatar. Might as well update this comic! :D
LOOOL Update!
Hopefully this will allow us to update more.
EDIT: I added Fennekin (HyperTurtle32's possible request?)
The sprite was from Darkus' avatar, so credit him for the original sprite.