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Agree'd, welcome back. :)
I was wondering where you'd disappeared to.
Aw. I really wanted to see it, but it said i couldn't. Oh well :) It's very interesting to see that you do all this traditionally.
Oh snap!
I absolutely love that Napoleon kid.... XD
omygoodness, how do you make stuff look so awesome?
@Cannetella: Lawl thanks... I'm just interested in this kind of thing. I dunno why, but I'm really interested in traditional art instead of digital. I only like digital if its really, really good.
Hi! I have a question... do you draw all this traditionally? If so, do you edit it at all on the computer (other than for the dialogue?)
Hurrhurrr.... good job kid. Lets just hope he doesn't fall to his bloody demise.

Or get eaten. Whichever one...