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@Hollow of Lost Haven: I'm so happy that you're enjoying it! It'll take a while for the snarry to happen, but I hope you'll stick around <3
@YaoiGirl09: Uh-oh, Eileen might have caught some feelings :3
@YaoiGirl09: I know, right? Sirius is too quick to think the worst of him!
@YaoiGirl09: As JKR said, he's not a large man :3
@yasasugata: I do think he could use a hug!
@YaoiGirl09: ah well he did do that ;a;
@YaoiGirl09: We'll have to see T_T Though... spoilers, he continues to be in this comic, so no he didn't ^^;
@YaoiGirl09: in all seriousness, Snape is absolutely dealing with trauma. That'll be a continuing theme for him in this story <3
@YaoiGirl09: I think he has been for quite some time, it's just something that spikes in intensity from time to time ;a;
@YaoiGirl09: And probably not for the last time!
@YaoiGirl09: He's not far off from that ;a;
@Diorrai: Things are gonna be pretty tough for him for a while, not gonna lie u_u
@YaoiGirl09: She doesn't hold back!
@angelbaby9412: lol well, I always thought Sirius had Bottom Energy. See, this is the true reason he hates Snape. He views him as a potential rival Bottom.
@YaoiGirl09: lol! Snape for sure has heard their, er, antics
@yasasugata: His name is Karl <3
Thank you!
@YaoiGirl09: Yeah, he's having a bit of a rough time :(
@YaoiGirl09: lol he has to rely on bottles