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@lipaz: Regulus and Severus? Well... we'll see what happens!
@lipaz: Which part? His reaction to the troll or barfing because you had to run lol?
@lipaz: Yes, I wish I could somehow include how I hear his voice<3. And yeah, it's a particular bad scroll he's marking this time lol.
@Diounout: Spoiler alert-he'll definitely annoy Snape's motherXD
@Diounout: Well, it's not Spinners' End, but...

And while Sirius may not be stupid, that won't stop Snape from calling him that!
@Diounout: True, but it may bring up some other problems!
@Diounout: No lol. I'm trying to show something plot-related, I swear. But I do live next to a McDonald's and love going, though I rarely do.
@Diounout: They'd have to get over a lot of animosity first, hehe
@Diounout: Oh snap, you got it. Good job!
@Diounout: I know, I feel the same! It's so fun to imagine little arguments between them.
@Diounout: Nope, lol, Sirius is still not his favourite person
@Diounout: all of your questions will be answered (relatively) soon<3
@Diounout: He loved Lily as a friend, but not romantically. This guy--who is a canon HP character but I won't say who it is yet--he loved romantically. Thanks for your comment:3!
@Diounout: Yep. Just some rando who reminds Severus of someone else because of his appearance.
@Diounout: Thanks! I really like drawing him in muggle clothes sometimes:3
@Diounout: He totally is! His first crush<3
@YaoiGirl09: @Diounout: Yeah, dreamy is what I was going for, hehe
@Diounout: I'm glad to hear it! There might be a lot of that kind of thing in this comic, hehe.