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@Diorrai: Yeah, Dumbledore is being quite the jerk >>
@YaoiGirl09: Poor Sev, indeed. I don't think things are going to get any easier between him and Dumbledore :O
@SerenityBaby: He's certainly not nice lol!
@Diorrai: So far, just because Minerva told him to be. But we'll see as the story unfolds :3
@YaoiGirl09: yikes, it's a good thing he can't talk, then!
@phoenixblack: Nope. Thank you for pointing it out! I fixed it :3
@Diorrai: I know, I feel so bad torturing him T_T
@YaoiGirl09: I'm not 100% on what Fred's fate is going to be quite yet because, more spoilers, I'm not doing the 'final battle' thing as it was in the books.
@YaoiGirl09: Spoilers, I'm letting him outlive Voldemort lol
@YaoiGirl09: aw thank you lol, I PROMISE to give him a brighter future than JK Rowling did
@YaoiGirl09: ;n; I know, I hate to torture him ;n;
@Lunerpalace1990: Sure! One of my friends writes very sweet snarry fanfics :3 Here are three, and one of them, I actually did an illustration for:

They're all very sweet and definitely not an unhealthy power dynammic/not weird preoccupation with age difference.
@Lunerpalace1990: I think most Snarry written these days, Harry is an adult. I hope you'll enjoy where I take this story :3

Thanks for reading so far!
@Lunerpalace1990: I hesitate to give spoilers, but the reason I went ahead and marked this story as snarry in the description was so that people would not be surprised and disappointed if they don't want/like that. I can assure you though that I have no intention of anything like this happening while Harry is a minor. It's way, far in the future. I have a lot of story to set up before that point.
@YaoiGirl09: I have a feeling that's in his eventual future <3
@YaoiGirl09: I don't think he realised how much flooing would hurt T_T
@YaoiGirl09: exactly, way more so than he was prepared for!
@YaoiGirl09: I'll be honest, it made me sad to draw this part ;n;
@Tsuta: Thank you! I'm really glad you've enjoyed it so far!
@YaoiGirl09: Yep, it was a brief thing. They are definitely not a couple