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Ethnicity: Chinese/Japanese
Occupation: Student

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    Miki Hata
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no no no nonononononononooooooooooo she is one of few awesome female characters out there D: Run woman RUN!!
one question
how is she so clean before if she is the test dummy D: she must have to take a lot of showers :D LOLz
google solves everything :D
i google it and it was freaking beautiful ಠ_ಠ 00wi
flying mammals
Does a flying dinosaur count as one? D:
Copy/Paste What I said on Facebook :I
*July 22,2011*
Today I cut my hair to what it use to be :/ mom wouldn't stop bothering me about cutting it D: my camera broke and the guy did a horrible job at cutting it so no photos. instead in celebration of getting my old hair back thought why not draw a quick comic which also help me to get in gears again LOLz i r 2 lazy 2 draw hands :I

PS: we really did take out the ponytail first. is because long hair cost $2 more and my mom is Asian.

PSS: I look like Dr. Tran in the second panel....well not really :I
wait is it just me or is this page the same as the last one D: than again is now double the awesomeness :D
same here D:
that happen to me so many times D: and when i finally do post it, i regret it the next second ):
google it
I never seen fireflys before ether so I google image firefly and they were kind of scary looking 0_0
is it just me or is it getting faster and faster D:
bitch slap :D
None of them seem surprise that he just bitch slap Nidoran LOL XD
oh my >:3 LOL
LOL sexy in a tube :D
OMG hot!!! @@
LOL this page is so cute and funnny XD love it
OMG i really love this page even it is not colored LOL XD
OMG your art is awesome and there is so many cute and funny parts in your comic i love it XD
OMG n00b getting PWNED LOL 83