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There's a mod for that!
@zenat: I haven't used it, because my current DB is a mage, but there's a mod that will let you decline being Archmage and letting Tolfdir take over.
@Amare: Meh. I'm not happy about not having a racial choice, but more than that, I'm a lot more skeptical about the franchise than I once was. I feel like Hawke never got anything remotely like closure before they kicked DA2 to the curb. Given that, and the ME3 issue, I'm concerned that once again, I'm going to get invested in a character and then get to the end and want to punch my monitor.
@zenat: Very well done. Some Anders fans gloss over the massive amount of collateral damage that's going to happen when you blow up a building in a crowded section of the city. They'd have been digging bodies out of the rubble in Hightown for days afterward.

My mage Hawke didn't kill Anders because he refused to make him a martyr, and also because he wanted Anders to have to spend the rest of his life living with the weight of what he'd done.

He also wondered why Anders didn't just come to him and say, "Hey, maybe we should just take Meredith out." My Hawke would have been totally on board with that.
Oh, Fenris. The heart on his ass really makes this one, I think.

I like to imagine that my Hawke and Fenris had a 3-year Puppy-Eyes-Off.
...and your little dog, too!
@zenat: I was honestly surprised that Dog was still alive by the end of DA2.
@Logan Cloud: I am ashamed to admit this, because I'm going to lose all kinds of geek cred, but I haven't played Skyrim yet, so I don't know if Gideon Emery's in it or not.

Regarding the Anders romance, I can't do it because he pushes my "If you loved me, you'd..." buttons. Also, the "now we've had sex; can I move in?" think had my poor committment-shy Hawke ready to run the other way. Plus, if you romance Fenris first, Anders is a complete jerk and calls Fenris a "beast". My Hawke kicked him to the curb.
@Logan Cloud: It's not so much what this fangirl sees in Fenris, as what I hear in Fenris, namely Gideon Emery's sexy, sexy voice. He had me at "Your men are dead, and your trap has failed."
I loved my Tabris girl, and I was kind of angry about not being able to play an elf in DA2.

Then I saw the elf racial redesign, and was glad I didn't have to try to make that attractive in the cc.
My male Hawke seemed to think that not wearing robes would hide the fact that he was a mage--never mind the Hawke Key strapped to his back, or the casting spells in broad daylight.

Also, he felt that the robes in game were all, "The Blessed Age called and wants it's style back."