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Immediately shot down! Hey man, she was just returning the favor!
Jeez,give the guy a little warning why don't you before you go ahead and say potentially life changing things like that!
The Cave is a fun game, I like the twins best :)
ah the priorities of a drug addict, always straight to the point
"I'm already dead, what have I got to lose" lol
Admitting you have problems is one of the first steps to solving them, good for you Christophe!
The original is cute but dat alternate version *wiggles eyebrows*
Break the somber mood why don't you lol
That poor waiter...this establishment will never be the same again lol
these pages keep giving me heart attacks man! You're paying for my hospital bills! need like some serious therapy...I'd leave out the part where you made a deal with a demon to outshine your sister during your sessions though...
lol "Yeah I'm fine, I was just imagining my cousins face twisted in sexual satisfaction from me blowing him. No biggie, I'm good"
If someone is having to say "I'm not going to get mad" it usually means they're going to get mad....
God it's like listening to my friends. In all honesty I'm the weird creepy silent chick of the group lol
Dem eyes in the last panel, so much emotion!!!
Twisted logic, but it makes sense in that psychopath kinda way
I'm cool with it. Can't wait for the next few pages ;)
I mean...that's basically saying "I'm leaving for almost a month TTYL"
Star Sunglasses:$5.00
Lightning Bolt Shirt:$20.00
Epic Hairdo:$70.00
The look on everyone's faces when you burst into the diner in all your fabulousness: PRICELESS
You look FABULOUS DARLING!!! On the downside I think you may have forgotten that you're going to need more clothing than the one outfit.....