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Not much to care for, I work at a nursing home as a Janiter, I love anime, Techno, rock/metal/jpop/jrock/jmetal, video games, ghost stories, Manga, I'm just a geek. I also draw to.
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    Martez Cogburn
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Metal Claw
Well his chances of winning r very slim unless DT somehow learns Metal claw during the fight then I can't see him winning
Your father
I read the last panel then your comment holy...I lol'd
saw that coming,I remember I couldn't beat brock so I tried to skip him. then this happened over and over again.
Welcome back Atty
*at the gym* Welcome back bro! *tries to leave again* and do this many times over till he gives up.
yep he'll be back in a couple pages. he'll be at the gym.
What is atty trying to read with one eye? lol
Nature only gave me scars and brusies, Eff nature
@Hurricane_Scrambles: lol totally! The world ends with you lol
Can't friken wait! I made an account here just 4 this comic!