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art blog: raintowns @ tumblr
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woah a comic about the beatles. that's neat~ Will keep an eye on this one.
i just caught up with the last couple of pages! I'll never stop loving your comic! Have a great next year!
the crowd scene reminded me of some of the worst years of my school life...
haha, great page, though.
woah i just found a new awesome comic to read (o_o)/
so much tension. so great.
July 25th, 2013
so great
wow i can relate to this so much. People always get my name wrong even though it's so easy if people took the time to actually read it.
haha Sasha looks so happy
July 19th, 2013
Maybe he has a plan of his own concerning the boss...?
i love Mooching Hobo
i guess Blythe doesnt like taking it slow in the relationship after all. HAHA. But then again, she did that when she saw the text from Janey...
I want to see what happens next!
i like that Blythe is being blunt to Blake. Like, calm down Blake, take it slow in the relationship.
June 4th, 2013
god damn JMCG's annoying. lol...Reminds me of some guy in my high school in the past. I hope Caldwell proves himself later.
im loving these two girls xD
you always do great with friendship/relationship dynamics! No page is boring! Keep it up :)
this probably one of my fave pages. O_O
those ellipses on that last panel mean something, I just know it.

man this is so cute i am sobbing
i'll be looking forward to more pages then:)

this is a beautiful page! :o