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December 19th, 2012
omg the second panel!! i wanna hug him! ♥
December 2nd, 2012
@thryn: thank youuu! and i love your colours too <333
December 2nd, 2012
A new page! :D
(a wild Boris has appeared - well, not so wild)

Thanks for reading! and specially to Bambie, squishie-chan, lifedreamer, kitty!, and wicked kisameru for commenting and for the nice words ♥♥♥

PS: the proportions in the last drawing are horribly wrong, but i couldn't make it right, and then i gave up u_u
November 30th, 2012
November 26th, 2012
@Bambie: awww thanks! and yes, yes you can!
November 26th, 2012
hello guys! here's a new page.
thank you so much for reading and especially to those who leave their nice comments:
squishie-chan, thryn, roxjey, kewe, Bambie, and redleaveshavefallen

thank youuu ♥
November 18th, 2012
hello guys! here i am with a new page. this time i was in the mood for a whole colouring, i hope you like it! :)
also super special thanks to roxjey, Arachibutyrophobia, thryn, and lanobonano for taking their time to comment ♥♥♥
November 2nd, 2012
ohohohoho let the awkwardness begins!!! >:D
they're so lovely!
November 1st, 2012
hey there! i'm here again! i had this page drawn since months ago, but i couldn't colour it -because i hate colouring these days...
oh, if you can't differenciate between Teo and Matías, well Teo is the one eating :)
oh, and they're watching tv...
omg sorry this page sucks balls, i hope the next one comes out better!
October 27th, 2012
awww sasha baby, let me hug youuuu!!! look at him! he's so cuuute ; 3; ♥
October 27th, 2012
the boys ♥
drawn in pchat yesterday~
can you see the small changes in teo's and matías's hair? i hope it'll be easier for you to differenciate them if i post something in greys :)

thank you all for the support! i love you guys! ♥

EDIT: after posting the last two drawings i lost followers, so i was wondering:
would you rather i only posted the actual comic and not drawings at all? or both? thanks :)
October 27th, 2012
hello guys! i'm so sorry i haven't updated this in MONTHS... i am super super busy with work, but vacations start soooon (december) and i'll be able to dedicate some time to this comic woot-woot!

i have been doodling and drawing other stuff but not regularly, so my lines are all weird and it takes me so damn long to get a drawing right OTL

i want to thank you all for reading and i hope you can wait till december to get a proper update (though i might upload doodles so as not to neglect this thing too much ;A;)

special thanks to thryn, Pinkkrice, sabbra, roxjey, richan222, Namuu, PiPickles, mean_hamster, Delete Mimi-Evelyn, Cozza, sekichiku, midniteassassin, perikink, Kana, Stances, and WishingGirl who took the time to comment! <333

PS1: i darkened Matías's hair so you won't get too confused. HOWEVER, since it's been too long since i last drew them and yesterday and today i practised again, their hairstyle changed just a bit, and you will recognize them easier -i hope- :)
oh and yes, all those girs are Matías's gfs xD

PS2:remember that history final i had? i passed it in august! FINALLY!! :D
September 7th, 2012
OMG i've always loved the idea of herz+soki dmgfvkjgxzv <3
June 9th, 2012
hello guys! i'm still busy but i managed to draw something!

PiPickles, yellow-string193, Roniczka, Magic Sheep, thryn, JessieVincent, kewe, Tallinn; thank you so much for reading and commenting!!! <333
(and the rest of readers -if there are any)! :)
poor sasha omg he's trembling ; A;
-but i'm secretly glad he's single now jojojo-
April 28th, 2012
Hello everyone!!
I’m back with a weirdly coloured page!! (is weirdly even a word?)
roxjey, thryn, PiPickles, RainbowRandomness, sekichiku, Aya_Yai, LeahR95, emicago, Totoh, DarkArtistSkye47, Magic Sheep, zebra_mouse, Tallinn
Thank you very much for all your comments and support <3333 I love you guys ; u;
-oh, the reason why the page is not coloured as usual is because I didn’t feel like colouring, but I had the lineart finished, so I thought this would be faster -I was WRONG- and now I’m too lazy to colour it like I normally do OTL
Well, I hope you like the page! So sorry for the constant delays!
Iluuu Muaah <333
sasha baby let me hug you!!!!
lovely readers: I'm very sorry for not updating a new page today but I am super busy :(

i am studying for a final and preparing things for a new job (that includes lots of meetings before the actual work starts)

i hope you understand, and i'll try to update next week
I'm sorry again. i love you all <3
February 27th, 2012
wow thank you so much for all the comments!! ilu guys! * 3* ♥

PiPickles: jajaj thank you! omg no, Jazmín didn't do anything wrong let's not burn her just yet! xD

sabbra: aww thanks! the thing is that i don't like drawing real backgrounds because they take time and i'm super lazy, so i just fill the panels with some colour hurrr

Aya_Yai: i'm glad you like the colours! by the way: your name reminds me of some onomatopoeia xD (ay ay ay!)

Chocotorta: thanks! jajaja jaz/mati and boris/teo shipper over here? let's see how the story progress (evil laughter)

roxjey: thank you!

Stances: aaaah thanks! i'm glad you're enjoying the story!

RainbowRandomness: aww thanks! i wish i could draw real background tho, so people could see what i see in my mind when i picture my story :)

campanella: Jazmín IS a nice person! i guess xD

thryn: jajajaja i will go down with this ship~ ♫ lol aw thanks i love YOUR colours! misha and sasha are so cuuute!! <3

darbimmergirl: thank you so much! :)
February 21st, 2012
omg he's adoooorable ♥