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She's laughing...*sniffs* I'm happy she's happy again! :D
To lighten up the mood of this page...
Panel 5, "Golem: Do you like my nails?"
Panel 6: "Assistant&Seaweed:WOW..."
Imagine Panel two as the next page and Harold saying...
"Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Gloomverse-air"
...I'm sorry but the last panel just shouts that song!
OH Wallis...~
There is never a page where you disappoint me!
Wallis: " Eh, I got nothing!" *shrugs*

Femsistant:" I..think..i'm not going to make it.. @_@"

If thats what would happen next page, that would make my day! XD
Badass badass!!!
All these fancharacters are just so awesome!

Also Nim your just so adorable, ill be your friend anytime! :D
"And After Ive done that..."
"I'll bake a cake, THEN EAT IT!"...Wait wut?
....And then Harold Gloom began to try & choke himself to death with the candy-cane in his mouth.
"Now, WHY are you in that donut"
"...I didn't really think of that. NO MATTER!" XD Reely what's with the donut?
Is it normal that I clicked the next button only to wind up on this same page, & thought it was new?
I'll ship these two forever..
Until I probably sea another page with Nim & Femsisstant! xD
You'd make even Wallis jealous. Hah I almost forgot his name too, that's how much of an awesome character this guy is!
Nooooooo she got lemonhead! :C
& So Cake girl...
I now pronounce your face, in wall!
Let me just ruin the mood here...
It's a condom, definitely a condom. :/
Nahhhh XD How wierd would that be though?!
Nope. :I
@BlueZero12: Nah the only thing I made here was the background, the speech blocks, & that chalk board behind Balrog :P I kinda stink at making sprites( kinda).
Was that a "Stephen The Lesbian" reference I heard in the author comments? :D
Ahh!!! Its been about 6 days since my last comment! D:
...Butanyway. Damn Femsisstant you got knocked out! I warned you about those hat's bro..I told you dawg! (I really didn't.) I like the style but I like how cartoony the first one was, but it's cool :3. & Yeah the walls look like walls now xD