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Jo ..i'm simon
i'm a big pokémon fan
andi'mfrom belgium ( prepare for waffle jokes)
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as you may see
I'm uploading a lot of pages cause i got free time anyway :p
facebook page with some drawings of mine
Ok ok now for reals
Let's start this comic
I'll make 1 page at the week
or at least i'll try to

Villager is really creepy you know
Sorry i have been gone for such a long time :p
but i'm back xp

So the blond hair is seth and the big guy is vinnie. The woman that you see is their foster mother cause our two hero's are like in most stories ...orphans....

Disney world here i come
Meet Vinnie
Meet Viniie also a foster child like Seth
i'm not lazy, this page is good as it is
well people say bdoof should be compared to .....stuff that comes out of yah so xhy not make bidoof a swear :p
i really had to restart but i'm up and running and IT IS ON
boom said the clefairie
Why must it always be joey
I never thought bayleefs could be that sad :o
im feeling bad for every time i tokk a totodile and BtW LOVE your comic
WAIT FOR first?
i keep asking myself how do you draw this good? Im really impressed id do anything to draw like that anyway love your comics :D yes all of them XD
I freakin love this comicXDDDDDD

nothing else to say :D
i just love ray recaction .
He cant take it thats he couldnt battle XD
Wtf how fast was that battle???!!!
whoa it was really worth waiting :D
ps page is freakin awesome
my dear friend
tis is SO fucking nice drawn and well done
like a boss
i chose snivy as starter because this is exactly his character i imagind