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what ever you're doing, it's not as important than petting the cat.
omfg this is gr8
December 2nd, 2012
omfg their expressions are priceless
i love their expressions
oh wow big fight ahead!
good luck with that battles are really hard to draw heh)) i love the how you do the lighting wow
Heh I really love this comic like just wow
Aw Chessie you cutey
November 14th, 2012
aaah shuno love is the best love, why cant we all just have a shuno in our lifes :<
November 14th, 2012
Hold on just a second feels,
I *really* love how you can draw all of these wonderful expression just, wow
November 14th, 2012
aaah they are such cuties
November 14th, 2012
this is one of the greatest comics on this site and one of my faves heh
he looks like a 'touch my little sister and die' type of guy

(also, vris wut r u doing)
heh, adorable! ^^
dun dun duuuuuun
OMASLAKDBHGIBNN holly cow! the hoodie!
hehehh and the gun x3x oh gosh, i do hope they don't get hurt ;m;
but what if they do? /le troll face

oh wow, haven't commented for a while XD sry :<
*insert fan girl squee here* :D wow 300 fans!!! ♥
omg this page just made my day ♥
Oh no Aki ;;;A;;;
Damn right Saito >w>
I love one rainy day its so awesome ^^
Shoot and Kaidou was so close too :T
lol yeah, life is boring but one rainy day is awesome <3!!! Any who, Akis just so adorable <33333