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I'm a half Italian, half Russian guy. I like rock music, wind surfing, and of course, comics.
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    Leandro Tokarevski
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Hahaha, thanks! I just went with the most ridiculous plot I could come up with. Wouldn't categorize it as science fiction, has robots, so close enough. I'm glad you liked it =D
I believe this might be the cutest stegosaurus ever!
Fantastic colors too!
Thank you! Is that a videogame featuring Turp and Gurp? That's awesome!
September 17th, 2013
Nice work! I'm really liking your style of drawing, and the coloring is fantastic! Keep up the good work!
Thank you, secret santa! A merry chistmas to you too!
I know what you're thinking, and yes, this is all one character.
Roy is 41, he is now a gardener, but used to be in the army. He's kind, cheerful and calm,
or at least he is in the beginning...
Derek is Giulia's older brother, he's 18. He loves music and plays the guitar. He is a man of his word, a brave hero, and has more common sense than the majority of other characters combined.
Giulia Calzini is 15, she recently moved in town, and lives across the street from Alex. She is nosey, childish and annoying. She loves gossiping and hates bugs.
I love how Rob's pun was totally intended!
November 6th, 2012
Hey, that's cool, our comics start in the same way!
Victor is also 16, he has been Alex's best friend forever. Victor loves science, technology, and is a wanna-be inventor. He is passionate about his inventions, and can talk for hours about them.
Alex is 16 years old, he loves video games, superheroes and the thrill of adventure. He is very down-to-earth and also an extroverse.
@Alyona & Daniela: Thanks, I am glad you like it!
@BadBanana: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it, maybe you'll se the two aliens again in a later comic of mine, you never know. =)
@Krazehhcakes: A watchful guardian, a keeper of peace, a light in the darkness of space.
Wow,that was a great story, and incredible art for a 24 hour comic! Congrats on making a complete and coherent story in such a small amount of time. I actually felt sorry for Brick, when he died.
Could that possibly be Megaman up there? Specifically, from Megaman II.
It's not that hard actually, you just draw,
and draw some more,
and draw again,
and draw,
draw more,
and then you check your watch and start page 2.
No, seriously, it's tough, but afterwards everyone laughs and congratulates each other on the messes they created.
On panel six Turp meant deserted planet, not island.

Silly Turp.
Missing SFX on panel 5: