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Most know me as Divi or Lovewin!
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Oh no :O I didn't see that coming
Lovely comic so far!
October 15th, 2012
lovely comic so far
December 11th, 2011
such a cutie
ooo~ Whats he going to say?? Suspense xD
I love how when Todd speaks how the room goes quiet
Gah we missed you!! Glad to see your back! Saw the update on dA too! I know how college can be sometimes but im glad to see that your hanging in there and feeling a lot better :)
Yay! I am finally caught up with P217&#9829;
I actually like the speckling texture! looks like snow
January 18th, 2010
HEY but the red an black looks very snazzy! :3
Daww ;3;
Makes me all teary~

Ooo love how the comic is looking so far, in this new chapter. And i like the font, mostly because I'm using it in my comic as well so its soooo familiar~ <3 Can't wait for new pages.
It acutally looks pretty good. It must take a lot more work to finish though compared to the style they you originally drew the comic in. The faces are rounder and i like the eyes.
haha xD his face. ah he'd probably kill me now for laughing at him.
September 18th, 2007
yay new layout. Just wanted to say i love the new banner btw.
i was anticipating an update. yay. i love this comic.
i wonder what it is he wants... poor Elise
Awww ;0;
Woo 3x a week
I would of voted either way &#9829; Its nice to get an extra still :]Awesome awesome

Yay, Metis speaks his mind.
Ah Bailey is just the best.