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I use this account to comment on my favorite webcomics. Sometime in the future when I discover how to get pictures to the internet, I'll post a webcomic. And It'll be good!
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And so the battle to outbid others on Ebay begins...
Ah, yes, here comes a distraction!
Mmhmm, that is some great vote incentive. Yes, real good.
El spicy! Super Neko super obligatory references!
The greatest seasonal greeting yet! Huzzah!
Ah, there's so much extra fun in the comics recently, like Mcjefferstein(or a Mcjeffer-wannabe) robbing a bank. Hahahahaha!
It's tarkin(tarquin?)! He's returned for his 'erotic' revenge!
I smell some good Neko coming out of this...ah, that's good Neko...
Neko's going to have a feild day with that skeleton, I can feel it.
This deserves cake.

() () () () () ()
|__NEKO_ |
Strange beakers of frothy green liquid? This can only mean...nothing of relevant importance!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Math!
It's okay square, you and circle can still be friends.
Truly the greatest-drawn comic I have ever seen!*warning, sarcasm in statement*
Hmm, this site change meets with my begruding approval. I like how the border serves to make the comic stand out more.
Classic Neko! Hahahahaha!
Haha, if she was paranoid like me, she would have seen this coming and saved at every available oppurtunity! But I digress.

On the other hand I support the free flow of archives to the masses. This promotes Neko, and brings him all the closer to world domination. Yes...
Comic number 999...and Neko just keeps getting better! Huzzah!
Ah, good as ever...and a return to the well-apreciated comics of yore. Huzzah!