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Making comics is my hobby.

I work a normal stressful day job. It may be hard to understand, but making comics is my decompression time. Hanging out with other comic creators is kind of like my version of a knitting circle.
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Thank you for being patient everyone. I'm still trying to work out my life schedule to accomodate some new things I'm trying to do. My updates will stabilize.

Thank you for sticking with me.
Updates may be a bit spotty in the coming month. Real life causing delays to script and crunching the artist's schedule.

We are pressing forward.
Yes. I died last week.
I found my 1-up.
Comic update back on track.

August 15th, 2012
Where did the artist go? Why no updates last week? Did I die? Yes. Yes I did die.

I'm better now.
Yes. Late again. There was a power outage for twelve hours, but it's a poor excuse as I wasn't really ahead of the curve either.

Here it is now, 20 minutes before Sunday ends. Sorry guys!
And ..... we're back!

Hello internet.
@Traveler: Dude looks like a lady? No, it's the other way around ... But it's not, or is it?


Gender is so confusing

@Sephie: Wow. I'm likely showing myself to be the ignorant american I am, but I was unaware of the current ethnic tensions you are describing.
In America we kind of romanticize gypsies. My pop culture understanding is that they are sort of European hippies with better music and clothes. That, and that Nazi's hated them too.
I do hate proving the point on the ignorant American stereotype.

I'm curious now. Can you recommend books or articles on this geopolitical phenomenon post WWII.
Somehow it lined up that all of the webcomics I work on have hit a chapter end. I'm taking a very brief hiatus.

I'll start uploading again August 3rd.
Somehow it lined up that all of the webcomics I work on have hit a chapter end. I'm taking a very brief hiatus.

I'll start uploading again August 2nd.
Hey everyone.

I need a bit of a break.
So - short hiatus.
Chapter 3 will begin August 2nd.
Page 48 - yes very late. Sorry about that.
Okay. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Here's this week's page!
@Almightyra: Everyone's ideal hot date, eh?
Sorry for the late update on this page everyone.

I experimented with a new mixture of ink/paint for the blood splatter and it was still tacky to the touch until today. I wanted it very dry before putting it on my scanner as the ink is permanent.
Okay. Here's the bonus update I owe you guys from before.
Still running a bit behind. I'll catch up.
@Comichero: Thanks for understanding! The extra page will post sometime Saturday.
@Gebolus: thank you for giving the story a try. Yes, i've got it outlined to the end. Definite hard ending planned. The whole thing is currently planned to be about 400 pages. My goal is to put out 100 pages/year for this story.

42 - no, not random - a little tongue and cheek there - yes, it's likely exactly what you think it is
Late update yet again. I'm going to have to reconsider my update schedule. Sundays just don't seem to work for me.

Well again, a bonus update later this week to make up for being tardy with the Sunday update. Yet again.

Sorry everyone. :-(