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i luv mangas!ummm...but so does everyone else i guess...I prefer girlxguy love I think its more intresting-no offense to yaoi or shonen-ai lovers- and I hate shojo-ai but mebe cuz i'm a girl...Salem is my imaginary friend he is a black cat with chocholate brown eyes...and I always accept critic remarks regarding my work but plz be reasonable....uh,I guess thats it; Buh-bye -Myra
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awesomeness major,that is so beyond funny i thought i might die laughing...but hey at least my head wont explode...
November 24th, 2007
you learn for the sake of this lovely comic... duh.
(runs away at the though of thinking)
Why the chair?
cuz i'm goanna hit you with it. its not that hard to figure out. if you prefer i'll use the table.
wow. you are amazeing... the style remindes me of inu-yasha...definately worth faveing!
this is soooo funny!
your shadow work id really good and the comic rocks so far, keep it up!
where's Teddy?
ouchies major,poor drake but Teddy is such a lovely adorable vampire prodigy,dont you think?
you rock major!, sorry iu havent commented in a while to say so.
*sigh* my ego is on the ground somewhere....i seem to have lost it or maybe it ran off with my self esteem?...oh well...
a bit grumpy drake? NOOOO IM SORRY!!! WHY ARE YOU COMING AT ME WITH THAT FIRE BALL?!-----To all readers of this comment:that fool myra girl wont be finishing this comment i think i have done you all a huge favor.
yes your art is so beautiful i envy it...
go carla!
stupid hag probly a snotty prep child...*orders her to go eat a rotten fish*
bloody awesomeness!
well hello, i think ill fave you.
I still love ya Teddy!
oh,right moment of confusion over. ouchies major!