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Can no-one except Ushala who's worn the crown actually see Kivar in her shadow form O.o?
Also, will we see other shadow-wraiths throughout the story? =D
Whaat.. a GRUDGE?! Against her? Naaah! :))
@A Gray Phantom : Honestly, can you blame her though :))
@A Gray Phantom : Yea, that one head on the bottom right looks mighty Familiar :I
Well she's lost a lot of weight 0.0
@The Gorgonist: She looks pretty perky for someone who's over a thousand years old :')
There-there you blubbering goddamn pansy :I
Is it just me, or is she invitong Ushala to "get physical" 0///0
Darn it!
Late for the tech conference :(
Well, at this point I can't add much to the discussion, but I will say that all of these are good suggestions, except the one about making your main partition read-only and the one about installing Norton. Why I personally dislike Norton AV, besides the software's obvious shortcomings, is also tied to the fact that Symantec, the company behind Notron AV supports SOPA, along with Kaspersky and McAfee:;wap2

Personally, I use ESET Smart Security. I like it because of it's advanced firewall that can actually block Network Attacks like DNS cache-poisoning. Otherwise, M$ Security Essentials is also adequate.
Why would they need a swimming-pool filled with toxic waste? I mean, they ALREADY have a vat full of fruitcake O.o
...Unless, those extra batches they got for thanksgiving were suddenly too much to safely contain anymore?
In which case they should consider employing some sort of stasis-field before the stuff reaches Critical-Mass O.O!
I will Never understand...
what's with SuperHeroes and their utter lack of self-preservation.

PS: Nice voting-incentive :D
How Valiant of Him
But also kinda sad as he's ultimately setting himself up for disappointment :(
Behind every Superhero...
there is a tragic origins backstory.
Did You Hear That?
...the sound of two realities colliding.
Patty McLightfoot O.o?
Ha! I knew that was a riverdance he was doing :D
She Got Away
with hundreds of dollars in pennies and a young Hero's heart :D
Solidarity FTW! :D
That'll do Hero, that'll do :)
Poor Alice looks like she could just DIE....unfortunate choice of words, I apologize.