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I read LGBT comics a lot. I'm not sure why; I just tend to float that way.
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That's... That's not how picking a captain works. They have so much to learn about being a team. These children have been scammed.
Love the comic! Thanks for the update! The lines have been so clean and crisp. Heart eyes. I always anticipate more because I really love how you're developing the story and it's characters! ❤
December 30th, 2013
Awwww, they're all so cute!
Missed you!
I love patient's constant, nervous babbling in the first panel and when he finally reaches the ground he's as cool as a cucumber. He's playing it off like he wasn't just scared shitless. Its cute. XP
And for some reason, in my head, I'm thinking of old time prison breakouts, like, it was either tying all the bed sheets together or they'd have to dig through cement. With a spoon!
I wonder how Incubus will get down because no one can secure the rope...

I've been loving the pages in silence for a while, and I've come to tell you just that. I'm still craving the comic! Its as lovely as you are <3

ps: Ooh, I've got an August birthday as well. The 27th. When's yours?
AWW! Aw. My baby. Patient, it's okay. Big, bad Heir didn't mean to yell at you~
He's so dejected. I feel bad for enjoying his sad face. It's just so cute. It's like, the more you like a character, the more you want to see them cry. I just don't get it...

But it's so cute to see patient act like a doting/protective parent. He was afraid of Mistress taking Django, but when she took Admirer instead, he was equally freaking out.

Django's just like, "I'm done with you're little wussy fight. Make out or something and get over it. I'm an adult."
Such quick recovery.

(And Patient, what great strength you have~ I love how he's able to push Incubus.)

It's a bit hard to distinguish the emotions in the 5th panel. If I were to guess, I'd say it's painful for Patient to hear the truth, but at the same time he's still trying to find a way to stay made at Incubus.
But I still enjoy your comic. So, be glad forever because I'll mostly likely always love it. I mean, your artwork is always going to be amazing to me. :)
@LADYKAZUMI: Yes, yes. That's what I thought too!
Good God, Incubus is just so sexy, like, damn. The positions you put him in definitely hold up to his name. The third panel, where he's leering one arm in front, the other back, and his legs on top of each other, dipping down in an erotic way with his eyes lying have lidded.
Just, I'm amazed at the small things. (I especially love the way his tongue is lulling out to the side in the second panel, his eyes shining. There's also the 1st where Django looks frightened.)

I totally understand, Django. There are things you just don't want to deal with when you finally get to relax.
And poor Admirer. It's okay, he didn't mean to snap at you. It was just something that needed to be said, not directed at you, just in general.

P.S: That collar still gets to me, hot damn.
Also, I really love Admirer in the 5th panel. His expression is beautiful. His face is beautiful. I love him, and this comic. Keep up the good work! <3
Either is fine by me. They both make it impossible to form words.
Stone cold Troy is sexy beyond comprehension because wow, attractive man in uniform... Oh-ho, mama likes, but I also find Tender, Nervous Troy sweet and cute, and he just happens to turn sexy when wet (refering to the bath scene.)
Overall opinion, I have no problem with either.
Pure sex whether you go for kind or tough.

Concept wise, I enjoy the "split personality" idea because it's not on the brink of loosing sanity, it's just a factor that makes Troy, Troy. We all act different somewhere. I know that I'm more reserved at home and I don't curse, yet that's the only place I can sing anymore and just relax. When I'm with friends, I curse like a sailor, make dirty jokes, and laugh a lot more.
So, I just think that each place corresponding with an identity that Troy sticks with, is an important aspect to the realism of your comic. :)
Same as what the first comment said. Still prefer the "Mayden" ship, but they're cute. :)
Holy. Saint. Fuck.

It's probably been long since Django has had sexy times because he was pining after Troy. So, I can bet he'll really be feeling it. (Let's hope it doesn't become negative the morning after.)

I can't even place my normally long comment. Forgive me, but it's too much for my little heart to handle.
Keep on keeping on with your updates~ <3
It's no problem! You deserve all the support you get, and more~ <3
"I need to get the soap."
... I'm literally crying. Just wow, my lungs and stomach hurt from giggling. I just... wow. I can't believe that's what Troy said, and then Django trying to explain... *shaking my head*
He knows that's not the soap, babe. He knows.

A wet, dripping Django getting up inside the tub is like an Adonis emerging from the sea. I couldn't hold myself together, I'm typing from my floor... In the beginning I was sitting on my bed, I just slowly sunk down until I was lying on my carpet and laughed manically to myself.
The last panel gets me though. Troy is like a hero and Django is the innocent citizen in distress, and he's holding him bridal style and I'm finding it hard to breath and I love you.

I can't pick a favorite panel on this page because I died on my way scrolling down from the fan service... Thank you for that. x

Keep on updating~ I always anticapte what you have in store for these two. Keeping it a secret around the office is going to be a toughy. Django's just so squeezable, but imaging all the fun they could have after work hours........ I really can't even go there right now with Django finally getting his man. I might die of heart palpataions.

P.S: As you could tell, you're not the only one who enjoys mouth close-ups. Or close ups of any kind. xD I always like to see the juxapostion between golden honey and coco-bean brown.
February 23rd, 2013
Look at their noses! Their so cute! Omigosh. I love your everything. xD
I can't with my life right now. There must be something wrong with me because as soon as I saw the close up of lips and a canine tooth, all opened mouthed and shiz... I let out a frickin' primal growl-giggle. Like wtf..??

Django and Troy look very clean. And no, I'm not talking about their scrubba dub dub 2 men in a tub moment. It's the lines - not that they weren't smooth before - I think it has something to do with the steam, but yeah. Nice job there. I look back, and forth between beginning and present, and you've definitely improved. ;)

Oh, Django, get some. I see you, I see how you initiated it. I saw your horny blush in the last page. We all know you want the D. xD Lol.

Honestly though, I love their new found relationship. They've kinda been beating around the bush. Troy finally decided it was time to move on, and I'm just glad that fortunately, it wasn't before Django disappeared from his life. 'Cause who knows who he'd get stuck with if it weren't for our little cutie here. :)

Loved this comic since the start. It was brilliant then, and it's brilliant now.
Thank you for your continuous updates, and refusal to not give up even with all that's going on in your life. Hope everything's okay.
Lots of love~
February 2nd, 2013
I come back only to be punched in the face with feels. Thank you for that, Astro.
Oh, my gosh. Those faces on page 10, the close ups. Can you say damn? I mean, yes, please. And Django's blush! ^-^ He's such a cutie pie~ <3

The last panel though, "I... I want to." We all know that you wanted to Troy. We've known, right from the very start.

And I love how Django can have that rockin' body, broad shouldered, sexy cop thing going on, yet he's awkward as f*ck. It's too much for me to handle. I'm gonna die from the cute... His feet! They're pointed in (just like I do! He's my spirit animal. FTW) The 4th panel is my everything, he's such a meek, little, big, grown man. xD I love him. Lol.

Again, for the second time in a row, the last two panels are my favorite.

And can we have a moment to just bow our heads in silence, to hope that Troy doesn't have a heart attack and drop dead in the middle of that bathroom. In everything he says I can feel his heart beating. Slowly he takes off the "dirty old thing" and blushes, all while his heart is thumping out of his chest. It's adorable, and Django too with his ever present blush growing.

Too amazing, you are. I love Troy's determined face. He wants to start new. I like that.
You're still an amazing.

P.S: Sorry if I don't comment as much as I did in the beginning. Exams and homework are killin' me.
December 22nd, 2012
Multicolor text? Sexy~ Lol. xD
Goddammit wife and her stupd f*ckin' cockblocking a**!!! *clenches fist repeatedly before composing myself* I know, it's been TOO long, and aw, I missed you as well~

You put so much work into the details of your comic. You sort everything out too, and have an interesting story line that's also complex to keep up coming back for more, because suspense and confusion. We need to know what'll happen next, what's going on.
I mean, have you gone over what you've drawn? You deserve all the praise 'cause as far as I'm conserned, you're work is admirable.

Yes, you get me. Django is an adorable wittle puppy~ (alongside his brother that I'm waiting to see again~)
And yes, all the way. He's so short compared to Troy and, in anime terms, my heart goes 'doki doki'. Because height difference *dies*
*Is revived to complete the message*

In the first panel, the very first panel, I was like, "What the sh*t is that? I swear, if someone here to interfere..." Then I was distracted by Django's gorgeous eyes in the next panel~ <3
(And is that sparkling glow in his eye from Wife? Don't answer that, it was blantly obvious, but yeah. I like it. The little details.)

Will Troy be able to see Wife? He could see Incubus... Hmm. I'll have to wait. Until now, Troy is probably thinking, "WTF?!" Because his boyfriend - So cute~ - just flung himself away and will most likely fall into the water. I hope it's not deep...

Oh, and I can't wait to see what people come up with for the Incubus/Admirer contest~ Hehe.

P.S: Don't worry about it, really.
P.P.S: Oh, please. I need one of them like now.
It's a bird!
It's a plane!
No, it's a Super Cockblock punchingbag! The Wife addition.
P.P.P.S: This has nothing to do with the comic, but did you ever think about in superman when they say those lines above, why are they so amazed..? If they legit think it's a bird or a plane, why be so enthused? The sky is where you'd find those things... Anyway, sorry for that. Just got a little sidetracked.
P.P.P.P.S: (<-- This is getting out of hand -_-'...) I don't think anyone online will ever see my drawings. I don't have a scanner and if I use a camera, it completely butchers my drawing to the point where it looks as if a 5 year old drew it. Besides, I'm not even that good.
December 9th, 2012
Hey! I'm sorry that I stopped commenting. So much school work and family problems. I finally got a chance to catch-up with your comic. And I'm glad I did. You're doing so well. :)

As usual, the page is beautiful, and the expressions are spot on, absolutely amazing.
I also like that effect you put on the water in previous chapters, the light house as well.
I love all the affection when Django cuddled close to Troy as they walked over the bridge through the rain~ <3
Now, if someone cockblocks them from kissing in the rain... I'm going to punch everything, but at the moment, all is well, in love and Troy.
Django is being his cute self~ I can't expect that to ever change 'cause he just a lovely guy at heart.
Height difference is my major kink and on these two, I'm fangirling so hard!

The hug = a loud shrieking squeal, curtisy of mwah.
And Troy's face in the 4th panel is both protective and loving, yet the adoration clearly shines through as he gazes down on Django. Well, done~ Bravo! *claps*

Again, AstroBullet, you never cease to amaze me. I still aspire to connect with characters emotions to portray them as well as you do.

(P.S: I very sorry to hear about Oloe. :( I feel empathetic. I know what it's like to lose a pet... I hope you're truly feeling better.)

(P.P.S: After reading the comments, I'm not so sure if this is real. Now, if it is, I just KNOW that the cockblock will be waking up and I'm so ready to punch everything!)
Will there still be more? I love this comic so much. You've truly given personailty to each of the characters.
It's funny. Soon to be adventurous, and I love the plot~ CX
I'm kinda on the Llya and witch-doctor ship. Yup, I'm shippin' them. Heheh.

I just love their tiny little hands!! xD And now they've got cute little outfits.
If you're still writing this comic - which I hope you are - I can't wait for more. Bravo! You're an amazing artist~ <3

Good Luck! =)
@OtherworldsComics: Oh, I'll have to wait till next week but I'll try to make it next time! =)
@OtherworldsComics: Oh wow, that sounds so cool! cx
What days do you do it on?
@OtherworldsComics: ...I'm not really sure what that is... ?
What would I have to do?
(Sorry, I have no computer smarts.)
@OtherworldsComics: Well, I still like the page regardless. At least I got it once you explained it. <3

Yay new page soon~! cx
@OtherworldsComics: So sorry for the misunderstanding, maybe I'm not being observant enough.

But anyway, you're welcome! =3