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Well hello there, I'm just a regular dude. Do not trust me with completing comics.
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@Darken: Don't worry dude, your english is good.

Also yay update! I feel special :P
Weston died though. bummer.
Is that Dave as Megaman on panel 6 (the weapon changing screen)?
@Kurona: Your profile pic goes pretty well with your comment...

Also I am a space telly (sorta).
> cross the street, cars can't hurt you
Roger> Put the potion bottle on the ground and try to break it with your sword to test it´s durability.
Tega> Put off that helmet and eat something.
>Ask the Styinde guys where they are going.
>Edd: attack the creature with your tail
>Roger: if you can, grab the glass shard and stab the creature
Flaurence> steal back your hat.
All> entertain yourself
xaraph> slow down so that nin reaches you.
flaurence> make a random potion, just cause.
everyone else> eat something.
@Djoing: what does a panacea potion do?
>all: get out of the forest as fast as possible
>flaurence: make a flash grenade
19 ourer again?
>Rosa: light up an arrow so the party can see arround.
>All: continue with the plot.