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Now commence the reverse battle where Rocket Atty has to fight not to steal pokemon.
Atty is now living out the dream of a lot of players. If only there was a way to say yes when asked to join. Allass Nintendo is to goodey goodey to ever do that.

Although I miss the jumper Atty pulls of the uniform quite well.
Magicarp should have gotten some exp. Surviving an explosion or self destruct aimed at you gets you the exp as if you won the fight. Not enough to evolve but a few levels at least.
I can see it now Team Rocket aren't villains at all. They are just out to have some normal frikin roads built in the world.
Atty has some powerful animal magnatisim and in his case he's taking it a bit litteraly. Them pokemon are drawn to him no matter how much he hates it.
Wild Pokemon treat Atty like cats treat cat haters. They are just dawn to the poor guy.
Atty doesn't really show his good side when his orders are to kill and the villains are out to faint.
I can see it now.

Atty: Listen I just want to get out of here. I don't want any adventures, friendship, or love junk. I'm only doing this stupid training thing because I'm being forced to.

Trix: The exit is over there. (points to where he came from)

Atty: Ahhhh... That way is no good... I.. One of those pink thins showed up and it blew it up.

Trix: See your a natural.

Darn it, way back on gold nugget bridge I really wanted to join when it was offered but the game auto refused.
So in short, he's better at doing their job than them.
Atty will be in for a shock when his fish reaches lvl 20. He's unintentionally being a good Magicarp trainer by leaving him out and gaining passive exp while DT kills things.
Rat goes from terror at the though he might have to fight straight to pity for his new comrade in pain.
I've always did my best to avoided the hikers like the plague.

I still do to this day. The hard days of my charmander taught me to avoid them and now the ability sturdy on a lot of rock pokemon makes them damn anoying no matter what you have and it's level.
Happy Birthday.

Normally I take joy in a pikachu getting tormented but somehow I fell a little bad for Rat right now.
Good thing Fish is around. He'd make a good blunt weapon.
Atty has the three pokemon you need to crush the whole game in the original series.

Charmander to raise into Charizard

Pikachu to raise into Raichu

Magicarp to raise into Gyradose

The three poke team that would cream the eleite four with ease.
I can see DT getting sparkling anime eyes of joy over actually being praised.
DT's re-entry pose is a nice mix of bad ass and adorable.
Even as a charmelion DT can still make such hurt faces.

Poor rat I hope Atty gets a thunder stone so he has some hope of living.
DT deserves at pat on the head after this battle. Mushy love and appreciation doesn't seem Atty's style but a head pat shouldn't be to much.
Proof of Charmelion love, crazy donations at her appearance. Even I had to donate, If the amount between pounds and us dollars weren't so much I would have donated more myself.