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My hobbies inclu-- wait why do you care?

I'm just a quirky, happy-go-lucky kind of guy.
I like scuba diving, drawing, and sprite art.
My favorite animal (family) is musklids. Including martens (hence the name, except mispelled) weasels, ermines, and skunks.
I'm also a brony.

I don't have a drawn comic on here yet, but I'm still a great artist belive me! I drew my own icon.
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Pull out your lute and play a magical tune, involve feathers in it too...
This quickly turned from an action adventure

to some crazy drama movie...
But Tara you just used a conjunction to star... wait. I've done it too!
Sorry for the weight.
I got a new system for the comic to run off and I'm ready to go. Have fun with the new maps! Look through all the changing background items (dirt clods, bushes, berry bushes) etc they hold drops now!
So we meet Agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!
Pokemon Battle Coming Soon
Yeah! We are going to work on a pokemon battle! If team Marten (Buizel, Phanphy, Ninjask, Doduo, and Sableye) wins we kill the virus.

If team Jojo wins (Many magnemite) our heroes are defeated and we must create a diffrent stratagy....

We'll post video coverage of the battle soon!
Oh wow...
You sneaky little... cat envelope
Well I hope you do make some updates soon. We've already designed the new comic and I'm going to go make it now.
Odd hiatus
Over now. Lack of motivation, going into highschool, and getting pikmin 3. I've been gone for a while, but hopefully I'll be back, atleast on the weekends. Jojo's computer is having problems so I don't know when he'll be back...
That battle was a little SLOW.
Hey sorry for the wait.
School is back and I'm in highschool, I got an awsome new video game (pikmin 3 /)0u0(\ )

A comic core update will be coming soon. A long time ago days kinda just passed on by with no real destination on when day and night happened, then I made a chart to keep track of that and boom much easier to make comics.

The comic core engine is very lacking in actual content and is mostly just some health, inventory, and me being nice. Soon to come will be an increased map size, a hidden minimap, exploration settings, achivements, randomized/ luck based item finding, new equipment, new weapons, and so much more!
Famous Last Words
Here Ya Go!
Now seriously, don't die on me!
Updates yay!
Al-Alt tex! I have no idea what you are saying! Alt text stahp!
>Elephant: Enter combat with dorf
Lol that animation just made my day

*suddenly... eagle!*
Pointless Apologies
Haven't been able to update lately
I have a job :/


Buizel, Phanpy, Ninjask, Sableye, and Duduo
Pair them up with their kirby counterparts and win a cookie! ^u^ O
Hey Guess What!!!
Grantfer is 'back' from New York! So we might be able to get him back on the team.
We bought to many games
now we gotta play them all
so all aboard the steam train!
Toot toot!
Cue pathetic mojo death.