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Currently dating my writer and Attemping to get 1 complete comic done per year.

Green Lantern Pig is my first Real attempt at a comic that doesnt end. Let me knwo what you think. Still looking for Co-Authors to write/illistrate mini archs. it's an anime convention that my old highschool does here in San Antonio, TX.
sorry guys Will have more next week
Just finished inking the pics with Hal and Sinestro in them. the number of fans is going to plummet when you guys see how I draw people T_T
Guest Cover from
And I'm half way through the issue before drawing up a cover... oh well
killing time at work. My god the number of calls in this center and killing me....
trtying somethign with the glow around them. I didnt really like tha DBZ firey look. lemme know waht you think
trying to make the constructs look different... meh...
To Beartaters
Oh Crap I've been found out!
Amazing Guest comic from the new Co-Author 40Hundred
I'll defiantly try. Right now I'm done sketching through issue 3 where I'm introducing all of the lanterns that interact with pig. and we're not even done posting issue 1 here. but when I got to issue 4 I'll keep Nekron in mind.
I'm trying my best to fit it into the continuity. There will be a blackest night tie in Issue 4.

Very Talented Artist did a cover for me :D
as it stand I havent written ch'p in yet. a few other lanterns will make an appearance. Hal and Sinestro will show up later for sure with their faces unhidden.
can I post here for a review? :D
Round 1...FIGHT
Hi friend. Can I be added to the review List as well please? Me comic is the Nightmare Before Christmas the Pumpkin Prince. 77 pages total.
Good point. I'll re ender it and fix that. Just went with jpeg since it's the smallest file :)

EDIT: Sorry JPEG is the only format small enough to be uploaded. The quality issues may just be on this page. usually I run the lines through a filter before I color it but this one didn't go through so sell. the of pages look a lot better.
More colors to come in the future