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Hey, I'm Sir! I like anime, manga, books, swimming, and videogames! I can play the viola half-decently. I'm a community college student. I live with my sister in her apartment. Read the comics to know more!
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I read somewhere (I think it was PSYCH 2301) that when kids are getting ready to leave the home (for college, or just moving); parents and children will fight more, as they try to find a balance between letting go and holding on as their children take another step forward.

The parents also begin to question their own life and past, or present, decisions.

(So that we don't hurt as much when we/they leave, along with other thoughts, worries, and emotions rise up in both parties.)

Not sure, if that's what it is (probably a lot of other stuff), but good luck, man. I hope things stop sucking.
CONGRATZ CONGRATZ OMG So happy for you, Miriam!
Wow, I didn't know that. I guess that's why I have such a hard time just leading a regular adult life sometimes. I feel pretty silly when I stress out sometimes. I go into a fugue state.

I was sexually abused by my Dad as a kid and I still have a hard time talking about it. It doesn't evoke an emotional response anymore when I do but I can't make eye contact, I tense up, and I end up standing there unable to vocalize for awhile until I force what words I can out.

And no one should dictate how you should cope. (Although joking about or just bringing it up is shocking to some, especially to those who've never even encountered someone whose had anything like that happen to them.) While other hurt people tend to understand.

I think the worst side effect is how it affects one's interaction with others. I tend to be outwardly trusting but inwardly I'm holding others at arm's length. It sucks. So both romantic and platonic relationships are difficult.

I can't joke, personally, but I do trivialize it often by trying to brush it off. I just don't want that to be my moniker with others, 'Child Abuse Victim'.
Aw, I love beef stew but we don't slow cook it and we do eat it with rice, lemon juice, and fish sauce. (We tried using a slow cooker once to make some curry, it came out nasty.)
Haha, that reminds me: I used to work at McDonald's in backcash (I take your money before you receive food.) and one time instead of saying 'Welcome to McDonald's' I accidentally said 'Welcome to Mexico'.

My manager thought it was hilarious and when they came to get their food at the second window she said, "Welcome to the US, you just crossed the border."
You are right, Brad. It is so much better than fucking soy sauce. (My bf hates the way it smells though and refuses to try it or be near it or be near me when I eat it and it's all over my breath. His loss. :P)
That microwave bit happened to us once. (We threw that mofo out.) Maybe spray the outside with raid? (I'm kind of a neat freak but my bf and his brother are NOT. I react like your mother. lol)
Congrats! I keep telling my sister the same thing: "Have a baby and then give it to me!" Haha.
I understand the baby crazy bit, right now. Although I'm only 24 I keep seeing these kids and I keep saying to my boyfriend that we should have one someday. I still feel like I don't know enough to have a kid.

My mother had kids late for her generation. (She was 30.) And so now I feel like that's the perfect age. Right now I still feel too much like a kid myself and that that wouldn't be a good environment for raising a child.

Not to be ageist, I mean, a friend of mine had kids years younger than me and they did a great job, their kids are really well-behaved and sweet. I just don't know about me.

Feel free to post more about parenting, haha. I'm kind of curious about what your opinion is about how to raise them.
I wonder how it'll be for Ngoc when she gets to school. (Is she in school yet?)

My father was originally from Germany and came to the US when he was a teenager and eventually learned English but he has a permanent accent.

As kids, my siblings and I picked it up, so socially we had a couple of problems with other kids. My brother adapted and lost it very quickly.

I remember even later in high school somebody would ask where I was from, haha. I didn't sound like a local... They would always guess England instead of Germany though. I think I overcompensated for the accent when I was younger, and tried too hard to vocalize 'properly'.

I hope Ngoc has a better run of it though. Hey, and some Vietnamese is better than none! My little cousin can speak better German than I. Mine's pretty broken. (My folks thought learning English was more important.) Good luck, Teach!
@daviddoesntgetit: Yeah, I do. Although our fights are over ridiculous things and terrible I think we really like living together.

It's why I worry about the future, if graduate school will force us apart but then I think we'll probably just go to schools near each other, if not the same one.
My sister and I think the same things sometimes but it's more like: Let's raise our families together, or adopt, travel places, then be old and awesome.

When we were kids it was agreed that one of us would get a house and the other would live in a card-board box inside the house. (I don't remember why.)
What makes me the saddest is when someone makes that comment about themselves. "I'm not like other [insert gender or orientation or basically any identifier here]." They're buying into a stereotype and then putting themselves 'above'.
Been there. Hope you feel better soon. :C
GOING TO MAKE THAT RECIPE. It sounds delicious.

It's raining fujoshis. On David.
This happens to me, too. My boyfriend reacts the same way. Every time.
February 24th, 2014
Oh man, I remember this from years ago. I've missed you Pandect and your Hall of Shame.
Enjoy your embarrassment! (I'm envious of the snow, although I know I should appreciate the mild weather here considering the winter storms in the north.) Keep warm!
February 10th, 2014
I get this sometimes, too.
My sister gets like that (picks fights) sometimes when she gets too stressed out or a situation builds. She tends to feel better if she exercises a bit more or if the situation gets resolved. (Or she finds some other outlet.)