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Jag Man
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hey firefox user... start upgrading your browser. i just used v 1 and you cant see smack jeeves with it so get your self firefox 2
its... Its... ITS M-*Nuke'd*
really creepy guys...
I'm from the future its... Its... ITS M-*Nuke'd*
love teh color
Its... ITS... ITS O-*NUKE'D*
VCR systems STILL rocks!
although there is tvio.
Another good time NOT TO SAY THAT LINE...
NUKES Matt M.....
*pokes ryan* isn't the image of protoman suppose to be the other direction (neck to the left of the screen opposed to the right) like he was laying in the last comic
Duo=Asskick on a stick
Lets just say I HATE TIME TRAVEL!!! and move on
The password has been recovered
ok this is ldrjagman
I know about the whole megaman arcade story but even if you don't like doctors looking at ya but you'll die if you don't I would cling to life and help who ever needs it... I would also think that protoman would have it the same way.
cancerman MAGNUS IS A GUY!
Well I think that eliminates me as manboyman's impostor so I am just going to duck out now before this really get bad... but be for I go... manboyman... you know you can report manb0yman to the server hosts and He'll be in deep crap...
Manboyman.... SHUT THE FUCK UP.... Why the hell would I mimic someone else... there is nothing in it for me to mimic someone else... so why would I do it... and besides it can get you banned here or worse... *shudder* lawsuit... if your wondering how i know that read the user agreement you willingly checked when you signed up... manboyman now you can speak again... and btw whoever is the impostor know this... if I figure out who you are you might want to cover all your bases... Now that thats taken care of... Supercomputer, I am really sorry for opening this can of worms... and if there are people who think that I am trying to get in here... I would rather start my own comic... make it successful and then and only then move to a multi-author comic.
sorry about that SC I didn't mean for the n00b patrol to pester ya....
darn dident beat you to the punch ryan... but ya you take out about ~400 enemies or so per mega man 3
eey sc.... not to be a nit pick... but you could fit 2-3 more trailers in your park... and ... aww darn Falco was chosen then i guess ill take samus.