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Hmm... I usually think of the 'gangsta' word for cousin when I see "cuz," so I write " 'cause " when I'm abbreviating 'because.' But my grammar's far from perfect--it's just an interest of mine. Thanks for reading!
@Fiendly: Actually, no Comic Sans was used in the making of this comic, but the style is similar. I wrote/drew it by hand in Photoshop using a Helvetica font as a guide.
@cstar: Ha! Professor-Bear isn't exactly me though. Most of my comics are a mix of fiction and nonfiction. I try to keep them short and to the point (i.e. funny, usually), so I can't totally rely on real events. Thanks for reading:)
Beautiful Drawings! Looking forward to reading more.
Your drawings are wonderful! Keep it up!
Interesting story and nice drawings!
It turns out I spoke too soon here. The really off-pissing thing isn't phones going off, it's the large number of patrons who don't know or don't care that librarys are supposed to be quiet. People do answer their phones inside FREQUENTLY. Blows my mind:l
2007. This is based on another (mostly) real conversation. This happened almost ten years before I drew it. It was an experiment with making a comic in Adobe Illustrator. I'd love to go back and adjust the colors, but the convoluted process I used makes that pretty much impossible.
This is from 2003. It's the first comic I wrote as an adult.
This is from 2007/2008. It's from a conversation I had with an ex-girlfriend. She unfriended me on MySpace (R.I.P.) right after I put it up:/
Thanks for reposting!