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@Kikaharu: Hahaha thanks for the encouragement!!! I guess I just feel awkward when there's white/uncolored space in panels... And I can't draw backgrounds well, plus I don't know what tones to put on.. hahahahaha
Their riding a limo inside a school, how strange is that?
It's strange, isn't it??

:)) This school reminds me of a university here in the Philippines that requires students to ride jeepneys in order to go from one building to another.
I still can't use tones properly so that the panels doesn't look awkward...
Main Characters
Introducing, the main characters...

A/N: I reposted and redraw this story because I wanted to start anew. But still can't guarantee a good plot and constant updating....:((( sorry.
@mangalovr24 @delryyy hahahaha it's a good thing you guys recognize him:)) haha
Oh yes.... I suck at brushes and tones.... Belated Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year!!!
@pringu haha:D i drew this by photoshop. and the font is trash hand downloaded from here- :)) haha I'm actually glad that you're bothering me [i hope that made sense]:))

@micatokxi miss ya too!!!:)) hahaha
@pringu Thanks!!! ^///^
I honestly don't know why Misty's so afraid of ash.... so let's just go with the flow, shall we? :)))
hahhaha it's cute that he's allergic of eggs:))))
Hiatus maybe for a long time....-____-
Shooooooot!!! I think I just broke my tablet:(( wahhhh!!!!!
@delryyy: Hahahaha glad this made you happy.. schools been busy lately.. especially this week.. (too many deadlines...)
@delryyy: That's a good idea!!!:)) hahaha I'll try to come up with a plot:)

@micatokxi (Guest): haahha kya nga parang ganun na nga:)) mwahahahaha
Busy Busy Busy....
Been busy with school.. Hadn't drawn anything yet...-___-

still playing with the style...-___-
so sweet<3
Gosh... you and your brother's relationship is so tight!!!! I'm kinda jealous... I'm starting to wish having an older brother like that... -///-
Oh shucks!!! this is great!!!
@delryyy: Super thanks!!!! ^/////^
@micatokx: Hahahaha.. nakakainis ka tlaga **** (incase ayaw mo sabihin name mo:)))
I'm not sure where this story is going...
I don't even have a decent outline of the plot :(( but still, enjoy!!!!:) I guess I'll try to think of something... I hope...
So... I just came from a 4 day swimming competition and haven't been able to draw anything yet. Adding to the fact that I need to cope up with the school works and lessons that I missed....

so sorry for the late update:))

PS. I'm going to draw after I finish my homeworks... so by then :)