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Moved to Super Bluey. Have a nice day.
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    Do I need to say?
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I don't know anything to say.
BINDA! What are you doing here?
I'm with the Mayor.
There's 10 Kirbies. It can be 11 if you count the tankbot.
Now the only pinky we need is Kirby...
@Fluff waddle dee: I guess the new name should be Dumbest Kirby Moments. Is that title good?
Congratulations for the beautiful words, Meta-Knight.
I guess you should take your shitake Super Mushrooms(Mario reference)!
OMG Paula's plush bear!
@PeejsterM: I guess he resized both two but not the BG.
WTF can't you put all of them in different spots? ¬¬
Look at Dana's face. XD
Is there even going to have a plot or only comics for humor? Because with all these humor fillers doesn't fit for the comic's title. :/

You never knew about Kirby's Dream Land 3?