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guitar, pokemon, doctor who, etc. overall nerdiness is my specialty.
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    Ben Lommen
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i enjoyed this page very much.
the penciling looks great, no worries
whadda bitch
i'm in it for the story. not to say your artwork isn't great, but pencil away.
those are some bitchin flames
longest. battle. ever.
charmeleon. calling it.
bitch please.
or velcro.
i've always imagined diglett's scratch as a result of its (what i assume is) abrasive skin. it just rubs up on opponents and junk. like the scratchy side of a sponge. or a wool sweater.
i find her odd.

bitches be crazy.
she said meat
i like her pirate shirt. wondering what type she'll specialize in. i always wondered why gym leaders didn't just use mixed types like rivals.
awesome page =] cant wait for this battle.
in the last panel is that a dog? in pokemon?

atty's in a coma. obviously.
dat jigglypuff.