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Wow if I kinda hated her before I really hate her now. She's the kind of girl you need to stay far far away from. She's going to do something crazy like get herself pregnant so you'll never leave her. RUN, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
Instead of NaNoWriMo I've just decided to write every day for the month of November. A good way to me to feel like I'm improving my skills without the overwhelming pressure of feeling to get a full novel done. Hopefully it will stick and I'll start writing more in my everyday life.
So Sakari.... she's a liar or at the very least crazy. Lucifer has just woken up for being out for who knows how long. Instead of either confronting things here and now or at the very least having Lucifer understand you don't hate him, you run away..... which you do a lot. You do realize that now he thinks you find him disgusting and made everything ten times worse right? Were you born an idiot or did it take a lot of training? I get you hate that she's putting on her big sister face and making it seem like she's not psychotic but again leaving Lucifer to think you hate him doesn't help things either. I want you two to get together so bad, but you can't keep running just because things are messed up. You needing to leave I get, but was the bitchy line about being a third wheel necessary? Please tell me once you get Lucifer alone you're going to have a nice long talk about toxic relationships and how he doesn't need his sister as much as he thinks he dose. If not..... I think you need to work less on getting better at fighting and work on strategy.
The way Kaido looks as he says he going to deal with things give me the feeling that he might just be planning on murdering Nakajima.
Awww I feel so bad for him. It's sweet to see that Fumi really cares about her brother though.
I feel kind of bad for Marc, but I'm glad Adam has a new friend and having them also be gay must be nice.
Someone is going to get hurt. Don't know who, but this whole thing can't end well.
Ohhhhh.... this will not end well.

All though I'd love for it to become a contest on who can ruin who's night the fastest and most thoroughly.
Natsu is soooo cute. I love the freckles and his hair too.
ROTFL. Oh my god the idea of sweet little Aki being in a gang is so ludicrous it's hilarious. I know it's not a good thing, but anyone who spends 10 minutes with Aki would know that he's anything, but a gang member. I know it's not much better than pedophile, but I have hope that things will get cleared up. I am a little mad that their willing to think the worst of Aki and I feel that woman had no right to take those pictures in the first place.
Woman with long brown/black hair I have a question for you. What part of the question you asked isn't offensive? (I hate it when people do that.) You're basically saying that her cousin might not be a pedophile, but his boyfriend or any gay friends he might have probably are. If this woman was in front of me I'd punch her. Not slap her or try to talk to her just punch her straight in the nose and hope I broke it. (I'm not normally a violent person, but I'd make an exception for her and the blond woman.)
Love this comic. Love this Page.
I wonder is she was told lies about Ryuuta? Also interesting that when Ryuuta's family company is having what seem like very important meetings dirt on them is being collected. That guy from the bar seemed kind of like he normally wouldn't associate with the "help" (despite Kadiou being so much more). Maybe someone sent him a photo of a certain bodyguard kissing what looked like his charge?
I am a huge fan of this pairing. So glad to see a webcomic of it.
This situation is too messed up for words. Though I wonder if this has to do with Andrew being gay (makes things even more messed up) or if Alex's family is the target. Maybe if that latter the guy knows about Alex's family magic and is some kind of witch hunter or maybe he's working for Alex's evil aunt.
Awww poor Hiwashi. Maybe if he continues to be friends with Aki he'll find someone. Aki seems to have a bit of a cupid affect.
KNEW IT. Was waiting for them to be interrupted. $10 bucks says it Ai-chan's father since he said he'd call.
I think Kadiou might get a little jealous,but I think he'll be more upset that Aki is staying out late when they barley get to see each other as it is.
Awwwww I want to give Alex a hug.
Hiro used.... body slam. It was effective.