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@EvilFiend: Yes and no. Some are based on actual events, others on hypothetical situations that my friends and I come up with in the course of conversation.

This one, however, really did happen.
A facebook quiz told me I would die by ninja, and I just knew it would ultimately be anticlimactic.
I left my fries on the table and when I came back I saw my sister putting potatoes in a bag, which made me wonder . . .
I had this exact conversation with my brother. The hibachi filled with bees was only implied, however.
Author's Note
Sitting behind my brother and sister in the car can be interesting. When they get bored, they get weird . . .
I had this dream. I was Spider-man, fighting Mr. Freeze, a Batman villain. I don't even know.
I love the idea of "growing" rock to make a city. I'm going to explore that a bit more later.
I had this dream. I left out the bit where the operating was going on in my sister's bedroom and the dead donor penguin is wrapped in bedsheets. Ugh.
Here, an uncertain king of a mountain kingdom that only exists in the dreams of an ambitious magician as he seeks out new worlds.
A typical conversation with my mustache'd brother. I wonder where he gets those hibachi grills.

And the bees.

Where does he get the BEES?