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Wait...Am I missing something? Did they turn around? if not, HOW THE F*CK DID THE MAGIKARP GET IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!!???? (panel 3)
Overly manly Sakkarra!!!
George's face...
Damn...This is just...DEPRESSING...
Man, I've missed this comic...
Allright gang
Let's split up and look for clues!
Sigh...I don't know what I was expecting...
Those dummies are screwed!
@TheGreenOne: Good point. I guess being forced to randomly fight a giant lizard can stress you out quite a bit, but then again...
Seriously, WHY would someone like that even WANT to become a HEALER!? He doesn't give a damn about his team! I think, as fans of Spellcross, we can all agree on one thing: we pretty much all hate Junon. :/
Hmmm...that is one FABULOUS pose!!! :D
a Cold sailor-robot wearing a wolf-goat type thing to keep it warm...
I can die happy now...
LOL!!! This page...PUNNY!!!
Quick, we need a Bible!
Wow, I get they were preoccupied with the storm, but how could they not notice THAT!?
This cliff is gonna need a walk-in closet for all it's hangers!!!
Cliffhanger: Ryak-Lo saga
(Be free to call me a faggot if you wish...)
OOO! I have an idea! Do they have a canon on the ship? If they do, they can just shoot everyone over to the island! I'm a GENIUS!!! ^W^
Aww! Kodo's great with kids.
Well, f*ck...