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I am a young Comedic artist from a small, little known island between England and Ireland; the isle of man. for the longest time I've wanted to make SOMETHING based on fairies. I don't know why, i just was so interested in them. I had even made vague ideas of what i could do. there were some plans for video games, some plans for animations and some plans for comics, but most of those didn't get past the drawing board. now, i'm doing a little experiment, this was supposed to be a platformer based around a fairy traversing the lab of a scientist to get it's wings back from testing, but when trying to plan it out, i decided to go with a different approach.

I'd been on smackjeeves previously, but that was well over two years ago. Back then i was so obsessed with constant updates, that each update felt like a few seconds. A few seconds of sloppy drawings and awkward writing.
I've put that comic on private, just in case someone was wondering. I've had plans to remake it, but i haven't been able to because. uh, "technical difficulties". yeah, let's go with that.

Also, I like gradients. Just thought i'd throw that out there.
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now, KNEEL!
November 9th, 2013
You really have a good art style going here.
regarding cameos
i have a few characters, i would like them to make cameos,
(please send me a private mesage to reply)
please tell me if your still acsepting cameos,

i know about my bad gramar, please don't corect me.