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I like Comics.... Am I done?
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She is just the cutest thing ever! I really cant wait for your update8D
Shes just too cute! And you are AMAZING at drawing hands *O* I love you're backgrounds too! And whos that handsome butler? Will we ever get to see his face?<3
Yes yes! Chibis are always fun and oh so cute hehe~
George acting so innocent xD That guy is such a creep... Poor poor Atty :/
Little bunny? *~* I totally love that guys neck<3 haha weird things like that attract me in a guy Very pretty colors and I absaloutely love how all your pages are full color<3
Aww chibi Ginger<3 so cuuute Cant wait to see the new characters *.*
Thought Atty had bumped into a drug dealer of some sorts xD Idk why but I really like him with that shiner *.* Also glad to hear your feeling better :]] I hate beeing sick with my whole being >.<
I do love a guy who can sport a black eye ;]
Pshht how could you not be a fan???
If that woman does anything to Alyn I will be very upset Dx ps I thought he cut his hair to? Oh well I like it long ^.^
Those eyes! So hypnotizing O.O don't die Alyn!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This story is really adorable and I can't wait for more updates<3 keep up the great work :]
To all~ What yould you look like as the opposite gender?
And to Joe~ What is your favorite pastry? Is it a doughnut? Or did you just happen to be eating one when we saw you? Ps I love your comic x3
More love indeed! I think ths page is my favorite :3